Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Nasty Turn of Events

Boy, did we have a rain today!  It came down so fast the streets drains couldn't handle it and the streets had a significant amount of water.

Between today and yesterday's rain we have had over 4.5 inches and I had to download water from the fish abode.  Three gallons offloaded!  Amazing how it fills up so quickly.

Then.....I turned the pump off to give Moby and Ahab and Dino (who we never see) their goldfish chow and now it won't turn on again.  I have never  had a pump go out like this.  The last two pumps were still pumping the fountain that was there before the "fishes of the seas" for 8, 10, 12 years.  Now this is what?  Two Months?

Now the problem is  - how to change it out?  I don't have a large enough container to hold the 31 gallons of water,  and the pump cord goes out of the bottom of the pot on the side.  It has silicon plug that, once removed, will begin to drain the pot!


And it needs to be changed out soon, they need oxygenated water, you know.

 This is the first day they were in their new home.  They came after I murdered the first pair......

This is the non-working pump and the  healthy pair of fishes.  They have literally tripled in size!  

That thing floating next to them is zucchini.  They LOVE zucchini!  I guess Dino gets some too.  His kind is reputed to like it, too.  I have peas I drop in the tank that go to the bottom, and I assume he gets his share.

Frank has his work cut out for him, he better get  home soon and fix my fishes!  Or he will be working out there in the dark tonight.

UPDATE:  nothing on the fish pump, but Frank is in the dog house because he let me walk around all day AND go to lunch with him with the entire back seam of my pull on jeans ripped out.  AND my red underwear showing.  WHAT?  REALLY.  He admitted he noticed it was ripped "pretty good" when I came out to make breakfast............


  1. That amount if rain is crazy - does your basement get water? Mine would be flooded in a foot of water.

    Your fish are getting so big. You will need a koi pond next. I had koi for a couple years and they got almost a foot long

  2. I'm stuck on the red undies showing the entire day and Frank knew and didn't say anything. Maybe the dog house is too good...put him in the fish abode with no pump. It would be a win-win: he can fix the pump and be in time-out! Really am amazed at the things guys do. Understand that I'm laughing because I've once had an experience much like yours....and my husband? Exactly!

  3. Well, maybe Frank isn't related to Stelly. Stelly would have told me the minute he saw it. He even comments on how clothes match. Ok, to wear stained clothing but never show undies. I think it is time Frank and Stelly have a chat again.LOL

  4. Send some of that rain to me! I guess it rained two nights ago, but I slept thru the storm. It is still hot here and dry although the weeds are growing like gangbusters! Why on earth did Frank not say anything? Did he think he would hurt your feelings or maybe he didn't think it was any big deal his wife's underwear was showing? Well, at least you weren't going commando! The fish have grown! Hope you get the pump situation sorted out.

  5. Omg!! Frank go mow the crazy lady's yard


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