Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Win For CAAWS

As you know, I have been President of Capital Area Animal Welfare Society for the last 5 years.  It has been a struggle sometimes to pay our bills, to get programs funded and everyone in agreement.  The hardest part, as in any non-profit, is money and donors.  That is contingent on the programs put in place, which is contingent upon money coming in, which is contingent on how many spay/neuters we can provide, which is contingent upon get the picture.

At the July 2016 Board meeting, after 5 months of putting programs together, getting architectural plans started, and getting everyone focused in one direction, the CAAWS Board approved improvements to the building and yards. Some of them you already see being put in place such as solar screens on the front of the building, trees trimmed and the sagging attic being cleared for rebracing work. 

This will be such a game changer for our organization.  It has already enhanced volunteer morale even though the first hammer has not hit a nail!  We will have a shelter we can be proud to invite the public to enter.

In another 2 months we will unveil our new and interactive website that will start the game changing where it  

I am sure this period won’t always be easy. We will have to work around changes as they are happening. It will take all of us, working together and looking to the future to make this happen.
What is your part in all this? 

When our Fundraisers reach out to you, please respond with a donation. When our Foster Coordinators reach out to you, please respond with a home. When our Events Creators put together an activity, please come out to share the fun. 

I want to thank my Board and the Committee Chairs for having the foresight to understand what I am saying, the desire to make things better and most of all, the love for the organization we all work through.


  1. Thanks for all your effort!!!! Our fur babies need to be taken care of....

  2. So smart to out money into the "home" be it hopefully temporary for the animals. The moral of the dedicated so deserving workers is so important. So happy for you 🙏

  3. I know that your "job" can't be easy, but look at what you've accomplished! I am sure you'll say it's everyone--all the volunteers and the donors and the board members and the committees, and anyone I've left out. But you're the helmsman, so I'm giving you credit for pushing, pulling, and prodding people in one direction. Way to go!


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