Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dining With the Ducks

We had lunch at the lake with the ducks.  No idea what kind of ducks they are, but they were putting on a show trying to snag some bread or lettuce.

I got the new issue of Modern Quilts and have been hunting the panels from a new designer called gingiber.  The new line is called Thicket.  Oh, baby!  It looks like intense Zentangles in huge shapes like fox, rabbit, owls.  I will find it, eventuality!

I am heading into the quilt room to work on my police hat.  But you will be pleased to know that I got all my entries consisting of four quilts to Pam for the show.  I also brought her some small pieces that she can use to fill in spaces here and there.

I was thwarted by having to deal with the NON-delivery of the dog wash at CAAWS.  Frank took off work, I left my workshop early and Greg gave up the afternoon to wait for the scheduled delivery that never came.

Eye candy from the workshop

And Monday is the re-opening of the Quilt Corner.  They recently moved to a new larger space.  I am interested in seeing their new digs, and maybe getting in on a few sales.  Although, my mantra is "I don't need any more fabric!"

I have been keeping tabs on a friend whose dog has had surgery this week.  It is his 4th surgery, I think.  His front leg keeps breaking.  They are hoping this last surgery will be his last.  Over the course of the week, we started talking about people who have catastrophic life situations and can no longer take care of their dogs.  Or perhaps they die and no one can take the dog.

We are going to look into putting together an organization that will be the advocate for some of these animals and people.  Providing money for your pets in your will will be a focus of education as well.

Frank and I have provided for the care of any dogs we should own in our individual wills.  

What about your animals?  What would they do if you die?

PLEASE, Consider writing a codicil to your will that will make sure they are not sent to animal control to be put down.


  1. My daughters and grandchildren all know which dog they will be caring for when we go. Lee goes to Sammie; Lilly to Renee'; Ama to Sammie; Lucy to Chris; and poor Me-new goes to Spirit. After these go, there will be none unless we adopt an older animal.

  2. The kids would take care of the dogs.

    Thicket. It's coming out this fall and u told my shop I want it! Love it!

  3. The tuxedo patterned ducks are often a cross between white domestic mallards and wild type mallards.

  4. We've made arrangements for our puppies, but really it sort of happened by accident. I would imagine that most people don't even think about it but definitely we all should. It's stressful enough for the animals to lose their humans--imagine the added stress of not having a home after. It's good that y'all are going to help educate people so they can think about it and make arrangements.


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