Friday, July 15, 2016

Drawbacks of Art And CAAWS

i should be home happily fusing fabric from my class on in Focus on Fusing.  But I am waiting for the SecurityGuy to replace the power source to the security system at the Shelter.  And the DVD to the security cameras.

That storm I told you about?  Lightening struck the tree just outside our door in our dog yard.

Blew out several things, luckily nothing too expensive like the air conditioning or the generator.

I am glad it didn't hit the building.  We are lucky in that respect.  The apartments nearby had a strike in the same storm that killed a woman.

So I have my iPad which has my Pinterest pins (one can never have too many of those, you know) and my new Quilting Arts mag.  The security guy graciously "donated" the box the new piece came in.  I don't think he really had a choice in the matter though.  As soon as he put it in the floor it was taken over by a series of black cats.
Or at least I think it was more than one, we have 5 totally black ones that live at the shelter.


  1. Glad nothing more happened! And you got a break to read!! Always a plus side isn't there!

  2. I could think of worse things to do with an afternoon - laying around reading quilting arts (I have that one in bathroom right on top of the reading materials) and having precious kitties climb in your lap to purr and cuddle.

    Love those sneakers!


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