Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ichiban Hibachi



Oh my!  Haven't had the hibachi experience in forever.  And did not remember how much I loved it!

That was the reward in advance for the all day cleaning session in preparation for the 8 people coming tomorrow for my fabulous BBQ Ribs and Chicken Skewers with Bacon Paste coating.  

Yes, I said Bacon Paste.  Just wait till you taste it!

And the watermelon came from Washington Parish, which has the mot amazing watermelons on the planet.  Washington Parish is located on extreme east portion of the boot toe.

I am in East Baton
Rouge Parish, which is green and located just above the center of the
middle of the toe part.  

Next to Livingston, you can see that parish pretty easy.

When I was in college at Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) I took a geography class where the final exam consisted of a blank map and we had to draw in each parish line and label them correctly. 

I got an A in the class! 


  1. Love the picture of you and Frank. It depicts you both perfectly. Enjoy your 4th and that fantastic watermelon.

  2. Bacon paste? Do tell - sounds intriguing. Carrie looks so much like you in that picture - looks like a great time had by all ( must be the bacon paste) my gramma used to keep a can on the stove full of bacon grease and she would use that to cook with. Probably why everything she cooked was so good!


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