Tuesday, July 12, 2016

M is for..........

Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day......M is for.......mist.

 In May 2014, Carrie and Andrew sailed to Alaska with us.  Frank and  I flew up a few days early and took our rental Cadillac (we were stylin') and drove into the Cascades outside Seattle, WA.  It rained a fair amount of the time, so the days appeared drab.  It was still beautiful, considering home in Louisiana is pretty flat!

This is Diablo Lake Dam.  The mists are rising from the falling waters that run from Diablo Lake through the dam, turning the turbines to create electric. 

The dam was built in the 30's and you can see the 30's style in the construction in those incredible lights.  As I walked across the dam road, I was swept into visions of Flapper Girls sporting long cigarette holders in tight thigh length fringe-y dresses.

They walk on the arms of square jawed men in tuxedos who go home and write paragraphs of Hemingway style prose, sitting in their wife beater undershirts and Brylcreem. 

It was one of the places on earth that touched my soul.


  1. We are headed up that way later this year and are making our lists on what is worthwhile to see.
    You have inspired me.

  2. Your pictures show a beautiful place.

  3. I'm dye-ing to see your fabric. I love dyeing but hate the chemicals and rinsing out process. I want vivid color and can't seem to get it. Thank you for the Melody link for lessons. I want to learn about design from her. LeeAnna

  4. M is also for MARVELOUS photos! Happy to see you finding your rhythm with these posts.

  5. What a beautiful place! I'd love to sit on a bench under one of those lights and just be.


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