Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning - Making It Better, One Dog at a Time

I am working to make my personal world better, while watching the city get worse.  So sad, if all those people would come together and fix houses for disabled poor, elderly or those who just need help.  If they would get out into the community and bring kids to the library, teach reading skills, look at youth resumes and job skills wouldn't this be a much better world than it was yesterday?

Has nothing to do with guns, but more to do with crazy people. I have so much respect for that Dallas Police Chief.  What a great man he is. 

Just a thought.

I cleaned up my blog list this morning, taking off some broken links and those who haven't posted in many, many months.  I also added some things I have been following off the "grid", so to speak.  There are some things I kept, like Quilt Porn.  I really like looking at the creative work of the artists listed on there.  And the great name of the place!

I also have plans to meet this week with the CAAWS board and get approval for the architectural work on the shelter.  I guess I am the Project Manager.  So far we have added the generator and the propane tank to run it.  I have solar screens going up on the cat room some time this week.  And the fencing will be strengthened in some places and replaced in others.  And a new run will be created for the dogs.
Photo by Julie Amador

I have a lot of other changes going into the building, but those need board approval before I talk about them.

So yes, making my world a bit better.  You know what they say, you can't change the whole world, but you can change the whole world of that one dog! 

This is Deano  for example.  He is ready to head out to a forever home.  He has it all.  If you want cute, he's got it.  If you want ugly, he has that going on too.

And what is up with that long haired ruff? 


  1. It seems like it is happening more and more often - that is somebody shooting somebody.

    All the best in your construction project! I know the animals will enjoy the improvements!


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