Monday, July 4, 2016

Uh, Calories? What's That?

 Happy 4th of July!!!!!!  Happy Birthday America!!

 Let's have peace and not Hillary!

Yes, bacon paste.

First you take 6 slices of RAW bacon.  Add smoked paprika, garlic powder, pepper, salt.  Zun it in the food processor.  Yes, Zun is a good word.  Zun it to a paste!  Add BBQ sauce, i use Sweet Baby Ray's, and 1/4 cup bourbon.

Slather it on the skewered chicken breast strips and slap it on the barbie.

Oh yeah baby!  Not as good as the ribs.......but right up there on the second shelf!

I bought peach wine while at the Farmer's Market on Saturday and I mixed it with peach nectar, a good ginger ale and some sweet cherries in a dark syrup.  It sunk to the bottom and made a nice layer effect.  top that off with some chunks of peaches from the Farmer's Market.  Oh yes!  Disappeared right away.

And later the watermelon.  Ah. The watermelon!

After everyone was on their way to other places or their homes to feed their dogs, we were left with the 3 bassets and a grand dog.  And Hugeaux and McGee got their acepromazine pills just before dark.  Everyone is sleeping calmly.

I am still stuffed, so we had a salad for dinner.  

I have plans to spend some time at the Quilt Haus this week and sort out what I have to work on for the show season coming up.


  1. Bacon paste - now that is a new item I have never heard of! Sweet Baby Rays is good stuff. It tastes just like of how my mom use to make BBQ shredded beef sandwiches. She made the sauce from scratch. Store bought was too expensive. It contained catsup, a blob of mustard, some brown sugar, paprika, and pickle relish. Taste too sweet - add a bit more relish and or mustard. Not sweet enough - add a bit more brown sugar. The food looks fantastic! Yum!

  2. Girl, we are using this bacon paste recipe! I've already given it to Richard who said he's going to mix it up tomorrow and test it. I didn't even ask what kind of meat.


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