Thursday, July 21, 2016

Working Toward the Quilt Show

For some reason, it did not register with my mind (I could be getting senile) that I needed to have all the quilts ready for today.

So I have spent two days putting on hanging sleeves, and today I finished another one's binding.

I have one more to bind and then I can take the pieces to Pam this weekend for the Show.

Every August, Sassi Strippers Quilt Guild puts on the Kaleidoscope of Quilts showcasing the member's quilts from that year.

This is the group we started at the quilt shop my friend used to own.  I was a charter member and President for three years.  One day I was talking to Becky and I told  her about the show Alex Anderson had put on in a plant nursery.  It was an amazing setting.  We talked about doing a show.

Two days later, Becky called me and said, I found us a place!

We have hung quilts in the Jones Creek Library every August since then.  I think this is 5 years, but it may be 4.  That first year, we invented every step.  Every year after that, we improved it.

The library is transformed each time the quilts enter the building!

I am so excited to be hanging quilts at the library again this year.  There is always the most amazing quilts.

Such work we do as quilters.

Do you like to see your quilts on display?  Or are you like one of my good  friends who hates to see her work in the public.  She feels like everyone is judging her.  I know her work is so beautiful, careful and very worthy of being seen by everyone.

I  say -- Show it!  Flaunt it!


  1. LOVE to see my work hanging as part of a display. I should enter it more often. LeeAnna

  2. Be proud! Got it! Flaunt it! Books and quilts are the perfect combo

  3. I love seeing my quilts on display, also. I have plans to join more guilds when I retire because I want to meet more quilters, learn more and, in part, have more opportunities to share my quilts. Quilt show in a library? Send me the info, please. I have to try to go!


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