Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Contact me on cell or text at 225-252-1100 no email.  If anyone has a travel trailer or a vehicle to lend. Or sell. We have lots of liquid assets!

Vehicle is imperative Frank gets violently car sick if he can't drive. And he needs to work. Both cars went under

People are incredible.   So much kindness. Carrie did ok no water.

We hope to get to house today. Water receeding.

More panic attacks.

Dogs at vet kennel. Just too much but we will need to get them home or somewhere


  1. I was wondering how you all were doing. Sorry to hear about the flooding of your home and vehicles. Hoping you can get a vehicle and place to stay. Come to Oklahoma, we will put you up in our home or trailer which is at the lake. Elaine

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry. If I were closer, I would lend you my car. Thanks for keeping us up to date and maybe later you will have other ways for us to help. Take care!

  3. So sorry to hear and how sad for you all but at least you and yours are safe! Luckily my family in Hammond, Tickfaw and Ponchatoula fared well. Friends and family in Springfield, Pumpkin Center and Loranger did get water in their homes. It has been a blessing to see and hear how people have banned together and have helped one another. It's sad though that it takes a catastrophic event. Please keep us updated.

  4. My heart goes out to you and others....hope you can get back to your home and damage isn't too awful...I can't imagine what you are going though...but know your blog friends are sending their hugs and prayers your way.

  5. So sorry to hear of your awful situation. Hope you are soon able to be back in your own home.
    My thoughts are with you from the other side of the world.

  6. I have just watched it all on our news here in NZ - it is heartbreaking to see the devastation.

  7. Oh Glen, I'm sorry about your house and vehicles. We're getting some of the flooding in our area now. Several friends have been evacuated, some like you guys in the middle of the flood. A couple have left their home to stay with family, then had to leave the second place. What we're getting is nothing in comparison to you guys, though.


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