Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FEMA - the Great And Powerful

We received our FEMA determinnation today.  We are eligible for........

drum .roll please...............


That includes housing assistance for three months and misc items like dehumidifiers and to replace food loss from the storm. 

Frank just told me we have the microwave from the kitchen in the storage trailer and can put that in the garage now that it is dry.  I wonder why he didn't say that before.

I want to thank you all for some really nice suggestions.  I am going to dig and see if I can find the slow cooker, but I kept it in the under cabinets.  So I am guessing it is gone. 

geez, do I need a vehicle.



  1. The amount is ridiculous. They need to post an accounting of how much is given out and the average per family by family size. I can't believe this is considered reasonable.

  2. Oh my goodness!How utterly ridiculous. I'm so sorry about the entire situation. It seems that everything has to be bad news and ridiculous outcomes. Keep reminding yourself that you're all together and safe, and you're lucky enough to be able to take care of your home. And let's not forget that you have Carrie! Forget FEMA's foolishness! Go with Carrie!

  3. Sometimes I wonder why I have worked 40+ hours a week for 45 years and saved and scrimped to get a nest egg when I could just be low income and work a few hours or not at all and have the government pay for everything. (sigh)

  4. I would like to see the FEMA people live on that amount of money for three months! I bet you have to pay taxes on it! Talk about adding insult to injury!

  5. not much money but there are some people who would resent having even that amount taken out of their taxes to help fellow Americans. We need to support each other through the bad times. It's amazing how you keep facing the day...
    I mentioned you in my blog, and ran across someone who showcased your struggles with this in their blog because of that... I love these kinds of connections. Her blog is


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