Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Update From Under Water

I had to ask what day it was even.  This is all so inconceivable.  The lady who was scheduling the adjuster called to give me a time (10 days in the future) and she says, You need to email him at blah blah.  I say, honey, yxesterday I hat to scratch your number on the wall with a crow bar because I don't even own a pencil. How do you expect me to EMAIL someone?

 The first day, I was so emotionally attached to everything as it went out the door.  I had near breakdowns every time I looked at a photo, or a dog bowl.  Or the blanket I brought Carrie home in.  Yesterday, was upset, but I knew it had to be put out.  Today, it was like screw it, toss it out.

How do people survive?  I know they do, I lived through Katrina (And Betsy and Camille).  But one of these guys coming tomorrow has done this TWICE now.

And I look up and down my street and see my neighbor's piles along side mine.  We hug, someone brings sandwiches and fruit and clean napkins.

In all this there are some really funny moments.  We could not get franks newer accord to disengage so we could turn the steering to get it out from under the driveway.  Carrie saw a tow truck down the street so she bee bopped her self down.  She batts her eyes a bit and the tow truck driver is falling all over himself apologising for not being able to help.  His brother, my neighbor, say, hey I got that folklift, I'll just come down and do it.

So his little fork lift pulls the accord to the street!

And the hero Glen - Paula's husband.  He and Frank worked for two days taking stuff out, moving things while Paula then Charlene and I cleared the sewing room.  Glen loaded my Avante and the poles and anothe machine into our new truck to take to Paula's sewing room to dry out.  He comes over today to grab more clothes to wash and fabric to clean.  On the way home he slams on the of my poles is laying on the side of the road!  Some minor scratches, but nothing else.

Can you imagine that?


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