Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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So...Mike.  He didn't have the exact Pilot I wanted, so we were going to get an accord, or a CRV and get the pilot later.  As we are going out to the CRVs Frank sees the odyssey van, black in its glory.  He fell in love.  He wanted that van, he has had two Honda vans he ran to 300,000 miles in 5 years each, he loves them.

It was at that point I lost it.  I became a sobbing hysterical freak in the middle of the showroom floor. I literally lost it.  It was nothing we had talked about, he had now changed everything we wanted, everything we discussed and agreed to do.  I had lost control of even the things we had talked about and decided to do.  There was nothing left.

Poor Mike.  He looked terrified.  He yelled, I just want you to be happy!  We both looked at him, Frank looks at the vehicle next to the van and said, what is that?  Mike, astonished, said a Ridgeline.  And immediately turned back into his car selling self.

I love trucks, Frank, it turns out, always wanted a truck.  So we went into mikes office where I counted out crisp $100 bills and paid for a truck!

It has Been a fantasy of mine, to go into a car dealership, looking like a homeless refugee who hasn't had shampoo or conditioner in days, and count out the price of a car in $100 dollar bills.  Seriously.  We have actually talked about how amazing that would be.  And I got to do that!

And, believe you me, they won't forget me ever!

So we were sitting there waiting to sign paper work, and Frank leans over the desk to throw out his water bottle.  And he falls out of the roller chair, which throws the chair backwards 10 feet, he reaches out to grab at anything, and grabs a whole row of mike's award plaques pulling them down on top of him.  I look to see home on his back, arms and legs flailing about the air like a cartoon turtle.

And he is bleeding from the inside of his elbow.  The INSIDE!  OMG!

I turned to look at Mike and calmly give me a REALLY big discount on that truck for trying to kill him.

I can tell you, Mike looked TERRIFIED once again!


  1. If I knew all it would take to get a good deal on a car is burst out in hysterics, I would have done that a long time ago - and I can fall out of a chair with the best of them - lol! so glad you got a truck because you will need it to haul all the ruined crap out. (and move all your new stuff in)
    insurance will cover fabirc loss, right?

  2. Your a tough lady with a sense of humor to boot. Keep on trucking.

  3. To have such wonderful friends to help you out it such a blessing. Talk about your life being in a total uproar. Now that you got a good cry out of the way, you will be able to move forward with putting your life back together. The bed will be replaced, the furniture and refrigerator will be replaced, and everyone is safe including Frank from his tumble at the dealership!

  4. Done this too. Husband's 4 wheel drive supercab was lost in our flood. He was just frozen as to buying a new anything. Kept saying I loved that truck. I finally told him in the dealership that it wasn't coming back and he needed to just suck it up. The saleslady was amused, the title clerk was his cousin! Yes, this will pass, but it won't be easy. I know this. Our water was over my head. But the boys will make it easier as will Carrie. They all come thru for their loved ones. Keeping you in my heart.

  5. are a braver woman than I'll ever sorry for all you (and others) are going though. All we can do is pray for you. Be have each other....and that's a good thing! Especially, when it comes to buying a car! HA

  6. I was SO glad to see your posts - I can only imagine what you (and so many others) have been through in the past few days -- pretty much just like you've shared in your posts. Hang in there -- and keep sharing your stories (including the panic attacks and the hysterics). We ARE with you!

  7. What a story! Who would imagine that a flood would help you achieve a dream? At least now you have the hysterics and the truck purchase out of the way. I do this panic attack thing in which I fall down and sob. (and I do mean sob--it's not pretty) I guess I'm trying to say that I understand the breakdown. You were overwhelmed, that's all. At least you recover nicely and know how to make a deal!

  8. Wow! Hang in there. I'll be thinking about you!

  9. I have just got caught up on your post to see how you were doing - so sorry your house and belongings have gotten destroyed - is your house fixable or do you not know - I can't begin to imagine all you have gone through and thought about you -

  10. Ohhh Glen - I'm just hearing of this ordeal now and want to say that I'm praying for you!! Know that even your internet friends are sending hugs!


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