Friday, August 12, 2016

Water Rescues

The weather guy said the rain has slowed, for the time being, to just over 1-2 inches per hour. 

SLOWED?  LOL.  Actually, we can tell it has slowed.

Link to some pictures from WBRZ

The Amite River (A-mit) is  nearest to us riverwise, and it crested at 41 feet in 1983.  They call that the Big Flood.  We were living in Tickfaw at that time.  Frank was out of town, of course.  It was ust me and the Irish Setters in the middle of nowhere, flooding.  He called that night, I told him he needed to come home.  That was before we all had cell phones, but Frank had one in his car bolted to the floor.  He made it home after nearly a day of working the back roads because
the I-10 was underwater in many places.

We went to check on a couple of our rent houses.  They are OK.  Only one is in a flood zone, but we have a friend in the far back of that subdivision and she is not expecting water this time.

The dramatic rescue of the morning was on State Highway 10 just north of  Greensburg/Clinton.  An 18 wheel tanker truck was coming toward the news cameras and got swept off the road.  No one could get out to him, about 1/2 mile down the road, because of the fast flowing deep water over the road.  he got out of the cab, waving.  Hoping someone would come get him. 

The cab, took on water so he climbed to the tanker trailer and was waving frantically.  Finally, a Fire Rescue crew was able to reach the truck, tied themselves off with ropes and were able to rescue him.

I bet his boss is going to be unhappy!

So many subdivisions in the small towns around us are underwater by 1 to 3 feet.  And the rivers have not even crested yet. 

This is a photo of one of the CAAWS Volunteers cars.  Her handicapped daughter lives in a house in the rear of her property and needed to be rescued by Fire Rescue earlier today.  The water comes up very very fast.  They are doing OK so far.

So many stories.  So much water.


  1. Been there did that. Even though you know it would be ark time if it gets your house, one big flood makes you nervous forever! Hope they are wrong on additional totals, how often are they right? Take care, I'll think good thoughts for you all.

  2. I was hoping to get to the quilt show tomorrow, but I'd rather not have to be rescued. Can you see the headlines? "Grandma quilter rescued on her way to quilt show." I hope to get there before it ends, but wanted to send best wishes for a successful show despite the awful weather.


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