Monday, September 5, 2016

A Close Shave

My sweet friends Charlene and Pape came by to hug me today.  It was like tonic for me.  She brought a veggie steamer for the microwave.  That will definitely come in handy since it will be easier to keep whole fresh vegetables than to keep anything in the fridge.  Or the non-existent freezer.

Later Carrie came over and we measured every wall, placed every outlet and plug on every wall and marked the door frames and lighting needs.  I purchased the lighted mirrors for my bathroom and the lighting for the hallway and guest baths.

I need to call David Iles at the Floor Store to see if he can lay the tile where we had carpet and laminate in Frank's office, my sewing room and the dining room.  His store and home were flooded,out in Denham Sprngs, so I am not sure if he can do it.  He has handled all my floors for the last 32 years, so it needs to be him again.

And, I shaved my legs in the driveway.  Yes, in the driveway.  Such is the life of a flood refugee.


  1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Your house is going to be better than ever- it's a hell of a way to renovate but you will get there 💪🙋

  2. Look at you, all spiffed up and clean shaven! And new clothes a few days ago. One would think your life is just like the rest us. Hang in there, Glen, it will keep getting better!

  3. hey, maybe shaving one's legs in the driveway will become a national trend !

    You are doing great !!!! Appreciate yourself and everything you are getting done.

  4. You do what you have to do! It sounds like things will be better once you get the garage set up. Have you heard anything about the city council meeting and if they decided about razing homes? That could have a huge impact in the recovery of the area.

  5. Well, at least you have red toenails! I mean if you have to shave your legs in the driveway, painted toenails are a must ;-) You go, girl!!

  6. Man Frank's gonna shoot you if you used his electric razor!


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