Monday, September 19, 2016

Fridge - My Most Favorite Appliance

........that doesn't vibrate.

LOL. Sorry,  had to add that laugh in there.  It beats all the vibrating ones too!  LOL

I could do without a TV, although I thought I couldn't.

I could do without a microwave, for sure.  I could even do without a stove and an oven.  I made it 6 weeks without a car!  But not the fridge.

It is cold so you can't even cozy up to it.  And it gives you ice.  Which is not really a necessity, but more of a nicety.  I don't drink a lot of ice anyway.

the best thing about a fridge is that it lets you keep food for later.  Right after we moved into the camper, both Glen and Greg (I know a lot of people with the letter G) tried and tried to get the fridge working.  Neither could. 

Glen couldn't stand my whining so he went and bought me a dorm fridge.  No freezer to speak of, but a 2.5 cu ft space for perishables.  In the early days we stuffed it full of water and nothing else.  Just having cool water was like manna from heaven.

I bought jelly for the peanut butter sandwiches.  And Frank wanted milk for his cereal (imagine that) so I got a pint of milk for him.  And a squeeze tube of mayo, some lettuce, ham and cheese for deli wraps. 

We bought 6 eggs one day but didn't have to make room for them because Frank immediately dropped them upon returning home.

And that, my friends, is about all you can stuff into a 2.5 cu ft fridge.

Oh I lie.

We went to the Little Village for dinner on Saturday.  That is such a big thing that it requires reservations!  And I ordered the most divine piccata!  I brought half home for dinner tonight.  But I ate all of the tiramisu.

yesterday I re-purchased the 6 eggs and some butter.  I made fried eggs and grits for breakfast this morning.

Did I ever tell you I really don't like many breakfast choices?  Eggs, cereal, oatmeal.......I put up with them but don't like them much.  I have had cereal every morning so far.......with and without milk.  Eggs were definitely a diversion.

to accomplish that, I had to buy  a spatula and a pot. So now I own a bowl in which to make pancakes, a sauce pot and a skillet from the Pioneer Woman.  I figured it was a fitting brand to own in a camper.    I can also count a French Press coffee pot and that amazing crock pot among my possessions.

Not much more will fit into the camper.   With the daily rains, sometimes meals are delayed because neither of us wants to get soaking wet just getting to the food and utensils. 

Catch 22


  1. it taste good after so long didn't it. Good that you can keep your sense of humor

  2. we lost power four times in this morning's storm. We lose power a lot. Not having a fridge is No Bueno. Good luck keeping the dogs in the fence. My lab was houdini, but Cole respected a tiny barrier fence that came to his shoulder. They're all different.
    I'm not a fan of breakfast foods... a banana and p-butter is good. LeeAnna

  3. I prefer breakfast food like pancakes, eggs, french toast, etc. for lunch or dinner (I know, I'm odd). I typically eat Cheerios (regular - without milk) and applesauce for breakfast. Sometimes yogurt . . . Here's hoping your appliance installers can get to you sooner than mid-October!

  4. I can't believe it's still raging rain so much! You poor thing , so depressing. Soon you wil be comfy in a brand new home. Gotta focus in that

  5. This morning for breakfast I had chili with brown rice and a little cheese.

  6. Strangely, I have the same breakfast every morning--Special K Fruit and Yogurt, extra raisins, and milk--and the same lunch every day--ham/turkey wrap, cucumbers and carrots, Greek yogurt--and I'm perfectly okay. Students beg me to change the food in my lunch bag but it's probably not going to happen so long as Richard can get to the store and we have a fridge. Breakfast for supper is one of my favorite meals, but honestly the best of it all is that I'm no longer the cook, dishwasher, or kitchen wench. (haha)

    I really love your deadpan jokes on Frank's antics and accidents. Poor guy! Think about it: he has to put up with your craziness and live with everyone knowing his.

  7. This good phase you are going through is so good to see. Building your confidence and hope is working. I do believe that there may be more bumps in the future, but congratulations on the good days.


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