Friday, September 30, 2016

Good Ole FEMA People

i call once again to see why the National Flood Insurance Program (here to fore there after named NFIP) has sent me yet another letter explaining they sent me a $10,000 check for contents and a $10,000 check for my dwelling made out to me and the bank with the non-existent mortgage.  They make me aware once again if the policy happens to decide to give me less than what they have already given me and/or they give me an amount that is above what I am ultimately allotted, the Federal Government will use their vast resources to recover said monies by any means necessary.

I am hoping this does not mean Barging through my door into my house, in full battle gear, in the middle of the night shooting my dogs and throwing us to the ground in an effort to collect the debt.

Around here that is known n as Government overkill, and generally reserved for drug dealers and warrant evaders.  But every once in a while they barge through a wrong address, and always end up shooting the family dog.

That would just about piss me off.

Especially if they shoot the one I spent $351.65 on today at the vet to find out she has stress cystitis in her urethra, probably since I told the dogs about the letter.  Now she needs counseling and a taxi cab.  I saw some indications of cut out pages from the newspaper, I think she is amassing her conspiracy theory boards at the back of the camper.

While she was at the vet getting her workup and smoozing with the vet techs,  I met with Jay the contractor to look at some cabinet possibilities.  Custom cabinets are now backed up to June.  Yes,  JUNE!  This guy has a manufacturing facility in Ohio and can guarantee custom cabinets in  4 weeks. They were very well built; Jay liked them a lot. They had a lot of options available and colors galore. So we are going with them. Fireplace guy called to tell me he is having the new larger flashing made, and he appreciates the flashing photos I sent him over the Internet. Swooze, or was it Carol who sent me that idea, suggesting it might speed things along. Looks like he might have stood up and took notice!!!>BR>br And Paula and I went to a guild meeting tonight. Only it was scheduled for NEXT week. We sat in the empty parking lot for about 15 minutes and laughed our fool heads off, wondering why neither of us caught the discrepancy in dates! Well it won't be the first time or the last time I do that!


  1. Wonder why they sent you another letter when you can't cash the check anyway? What a bunch of goofs.

    I hope she is ok. Does she need medicine for that or will it go away on its own?

    Where in Ohio does the fellow have a shop? There are a lot of cabinet shops in Ohio.

  2. Oh they don't just break in( well not yet) but they freeze all your bank accounts until you pay them or they take what you have.

  3. better watch out or you'll get stress related cystitis. Chloe will not be amused.

  4. The national flood insurance program sounds as if they are telling you they paid you, but aren't sure you deserve it. They are nuts. At least they provide for some comic relief, I laughed at their stupidity. take care and keep smiling at all the crazies that are supposed to be able to help you out. The government is in charge - they are perfect - ask any injured vet or person on medicare.


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