Friday, September 30, 2016

Guess What I Got Today !!

Today has been non-stop. Rise and shine at 6:30 am.......dogs and people fed.

 Fly strip at Lowes' because the diaper pail we use for a poop container is attracting these huge flies.

Pill pockets at Petsmart (which just reopened yesterday) because shoving a pill down Chloe's throat is like giving a pill to a hopping mad gator.

I passed by FedEx because Sears sent me a filter for the old fridge now wallowing in Mexico somewhere chilling margaritas for some tourista.

And.... I bought a bed! Delivery will hopefully be speedier than the last one, which seemed like a year. The nice manager said mid-October.

 I had planned lunch with Frank but Carrie called and wanted to meet at the cabinet maker's where we picked out style and colors.

Then to the tile place where the master bath shower came together. Act of sale went fine, I am now richer and own less houses, which is fine.

When I got home, frank had pulled the vinyl siding off the front porch, back porch and carport side of the boat port. We have mostly brick but maybe 1/5 of the exterior is the siding. Yep, the felt paper was wet! So we will soak it with bleach, then on Sunday spray it with Microban for mold inhibition. Then spend the week putting the siding back up. Frank and I installed the siding and facia/soffit pieces ourselves. I was working for Ochsner and I took a vacation week to work on the house. We finished in a couple of days and finished the week with Carrie at Six Flags Texas. That was back in the days when I was young and flexible. i am sure this will be slower going.

For dinner I opened a can of Shrimp Creole base and added some shrimp. It was good, but needed salad and a nice crusty garlic bread. As I was putting the garbage out when the mail lady brought me a document envelope.

Yep. FEMA send us a check. Us. No mortgage company listed anywhere. Success! `


  1. Seems like finally there is progress.
    At last....

  2. Seems like finally there is progress.
    At last....

  3. Hallelujah! It was a very good day!

  4. Hurray for FEMA getting the check right! Third time's a charm, I guess ... And a new bed! I hopem
    This one really arrives when it's supposed to ...

  5. Love the color and style choices! I assume the bed is like the other one you had bought before the flood. It will be nice to crawl into that! Congratulation FEMA for finally getting the check right.


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