Sunday, September 11, 2016

Potential table choices

I had a conversation with a friend this morning.  LeeAnna of Not Afraid Of Color and I talked about how life had dealt us some really bad blows lately.  And we assured each other we would get through this.

Signature Design by Ashley T845-9 Gately Collection Coffee Table, Medium BrownI made Frank take me to Olinde's to check out a lift top coffee table.  I think it will solve a problem we had with a portable card table, a couple of laptops and the need to see Frank a few minutes a day at least.  I think it will work.  What do you think?  Ever seen one of these?

Now I just need to find one in a style that I actually like!

Meanwhile, we saw these potentials for new dining tables.  Not sure that 84 inch beauty will fit, but it opened up a new train of thought for me

Wow!  Prices sure have jumped in the last 35 years!  LOL  And that is just for the table.  the chairs were nearly $200 each.

I think I might check out some antique shops before I decide.

Maybe a rescue table is in order.


  1. Ms Glenda go to southern heirs auction online. They have photos of furniture on their website. You can go to auction and get quality antique furniture for cheap. Some look like new.

  2. gulp, the table looked extremely pretty til I saw the price. Yikes. As for the lift top... well you're a better woman than I if you can keep it cleared of clutter so it doesn't fall every where when you lift it up to use. It's possible to keep a table clear, but not in our house.
    As you said, life just keeps cranking it out, and we keep going, because stopping isn't an option. Good luck with all those choices.

  3. hope you find a beautiful slightly used one

  4. My mom has a nifty lifty coffee table...not so sure I have ever seen it in action, but it's neat! That harvest table is dreamy.... so nice.

  5. Nothing like an old table which has been given new life!


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