Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Jamie, owner of the fireplace company, says he can have someone make a flashing that will fit both both the hole in the roof and the smaller stack pipe.  but it won't be this week!

I did have a bit of a breakdown mid afternoon.  I needed to walk down the block to ease the feeling of, how would I describe it, feeling like everything is doomed.  It was a bad afternoon.  The physical exertion made it feel better,  a bit.  I still  had to come back to reality. 

I live in District 8 in East Baton Rouge Parish.  Today I saw some shocking statistics concerning the area and the great flood.  District 8 is 11.6 square miles in size and has about 12,000 housing units.  That includes apartments and houses.

3470 homes flooded
151 businesses flooded
63 public buildings flooded
Total of 3648

Incredible.   I own two of them!


  1. This just must suck so very bad, like someone just took your life away and gave you a camper, a bunch of mud, and a hell of a mess instead. Sometimes you just need to throw a tantrum or have a good cry - i'm sure you have had plenty of both. Oh the party we will throw when you move back into your house one day !!!!

  2. Those numbers are staggering. I wonder if there are statistics about how many of those effected won't be able to recover. You are an inspiration on how to deal in this kind of adversity. The blogiverse will be celebrating with you when you throw that party!

  3. Having a meltdown is a way to release stress. I think it clears out all the bad feelings so you can pick yourself up and reassure yourself you can do this damnit! The stats surprise me that there were areas that did not get flooded. With that much water I would have thought no one was safe from getting flooded.

    It is good that the fireplace store can fix the flashing issue. On to the next problem! Hand in there; you are doing so great handling all of this!

  4. I thought you sold the rental. Look at it in the positive light that you hadn't invested way too much in real estate in that area.


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