Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Skywalk to my Yacht House

The crew of two came and sheet rocked the boat port/garage today.  And it poured down rain.  I stayed in the camper with the dogs.  And slept some.  Frank worked, making phone calls to business clients.

The boat port I'd nearly finished; they will be back in the morning and finish the ceiling strip and mud the final edge.  They should bring some Sheetrock to do the two bedrooms and dining room in the big house as well.  Progress.

I took the truck and drove myself down to LCR Plumbing and chose some fixtures for the bathrooms and new shower.  I didn't choose the kitchen stuff because Frank SWEARS they saved my kitchen faucets.

And I received another tiny package today.  It was also from Christa.  She sent the makings for three crockpot meals, including the can opener!!!!!

I responded to her, thanking her for the incredible act of kindness she gave me by telling her the guys were putting in the skywalk in the boat port.  When I read what I had sent her, it struck me as funny.  Here I was, able to afford a skywalk, no less, in my boat port (for the yacht, you know) and here she was sending me food!  LOL

I had a good laugh at that one!


  1. So wonderful the laughs are coming more frequently for a while. Hopefully the good times are beginning and the bad ones will be fewer. Darn it all they will still happen, but the light is peeking through. Love your skywalk to the yacht house.

  2. SO happy to hear that you have some laughter in the mix -- skywalk to the yacht house, indeed! Well, why NOT? (giggle)

  3. You know, now that you mention it, maybe you should have a yacht. You could save yourselves should another drizzle come along and you find yourselves above your rain boots in rushing water.

    Saved the kitchen faucets? How does that even compute? Everything was lost! Tell Frank to eat a lemon, you're going to buy new kitchen faucets! (I assume you want new faucets, but get them anyway.)


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