Sunday, October 16, 2016

Planting Dogs

OK, I am still alive.  Better, but still not breathing all that clearly.  But better.

So much better that I worked on the patio area on Saturday and got a lot of stuff cleared up.  I drained the water out of the fish pond.  I still can't believe Moby and Ahab left me.  They just swam off in the largest pond they have ever seen!

So I drained the sewer water out of the fish pond bowl.  And scrubbed it with 1 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water.  The scum was about a quarter inch thick in some places.  After rinsing several times with more vinegar water mixtures, I let it sit for the afternoon.  Sunday morning I added the new clean water and reset the fountain pump.

No fish will go back in until I am ready to be responsible for more lives.  Can't handle that right now.

Looks like I was in another dimension when was doing the work.  Whoooooooooo!

After the fish pond was done, I disposed of several plastic planters by using the dirt to fill in holes made in the front lawn by the claw machines. That low planter was made by Carrie and I.  The technique is called hypertufa and is made of cement and peat moss.  We made a ton of different shapes, all of which survived the flood.

We pulled up the bay leaf trees that were dying from being in the flood.  The other bushes are not looking so great themselves.  I don't think the Flood Insurance will pay for dead shrubs.

This was the only thing that got planted!

One thing that was interesting is the strong color of the inside of the nandina stalks.  They are bright yellow.  I would like to see if they would transfer that amazing color to cloth.

Here is what it looked like after we were done.  Before and then after.

Hey........I wondered where that glue stick ended up!  I guess I have to amend the insurance claim now from 10 glue sticks to only 9.


  1. Your wonderful sense of humor is going to get you through this.

  2. Wow, it looks much better just with the fountain going. Your idea to use the nandina branches for dyeing fabric is brilliant. I'm betting you'll make it happen eventually.

  3. I wondered what happen to the fish. Guess they are now in the Mississippi. The back yard looks great after the clean up! It will be interesting to see what survives over the next few months. I hope it recovers quickly, because it was so beautiful. Glad you are feeling a bit better, but don't overdo it! Make sure you get your rest!

  4. The adventures of your fish after they "swam off"--real or imagined--could make an interesting kid's book. It made me smile to know that you looked at those cut branches and thought about coloring fabric ... I look forward to seeing how your very real "adventure" will I'll inform your future fiber work.


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