Saturday, October 1, 2016

We Are Freakin' Magic!

First off, I should be waking up in Halifax and calling Valerie of Purple Boots and Pigtales to set up a day of fun with the Springy Things.  Now what would be better that that?  Certainly not this!

OK, We Are Freakin' Magic.......yep.  Pure magic.

We have one key to the camper which is kept on a huge carabiner on a cabinet pull.  In fact, ALL keys are put on either hooks or carabiners and on the cabinet pulls.  ALWAYS, mind you.  Always.

So when we returned from the dog walk, the key went back on the carabiner.  (I want to interject here that I never had control of the key, it was Frank.)

I turned on the hot water heater to wash my hair, then bebopped into the big house to toss in a load of laundry.  I left the camper door wide open so the cool outside air could circulate. When I came back, Frank was picking up the remnants of the paper towels McGee decided to destroy.

He had slammed the door shut after throwing McGee out.

I tried to open the door, locked.

He swore up and down that he had NOT locked the door.  Nor did he have the key.  Of course, neither did I.  It was hanging on the cabinet.  Nor did we have cell phones or car keys. Yep, on the cabinet.

Now all of a sudden, I wanted to be inside that hated camper!  How did that door lock?  You need a key inserted then turned.  OMG.....we were locked out of the camper.  Forever.  Freakin' magic.

Where would we sleep now?

So ........after a string of really bad words, I look at Frank and say, you locked it somehow, you get it open.......and sat down and cried.

Meanwhile, he ffound his tools, pried a window open, climbed through and opened the door. I am not going to tell y0u which one, it was pretty unsettling how easy it was.   Somehow we had left it unlocked.

Go Figure.

Freakin' magic.  Just plain freakin' magic.


  1. You'll laugh about this one day....far far in the future

  2. You really will need to print out a Blog Book from the start of this journey! There are heart breaking posts, interesting posts on building, friendship and just some of those funny situations! Use Blog to Print and make sure you get that book printed...I think you'll be glad you did!

  3. First, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with your shenanigans. It seems you've had tons of fun reading about the most depressing news to affect your life. Stop it. Really. Stop. Dwelling on the negative, heartbreaking news is not healthy for you right now. When all this is over and your life is normal again, you can do all the research and reporting you want or need to do. Right now, though, you need to try to limit the negative stuff.

    Swooze is right, there will be a day when you laugh about all of the foolishness that the sky has rained down on you, probably especially about Frank climbing into the camper window. Thank goodness you have the dogs to keep you busy and entertain you, especially DiNozzo. That pic of him in the plants from a few days ago makes him look innocent as a baby...yet you tell such outrageous stories about his interests and games.

  4. In a week this will be a really funny story, but I am not laughing now out of respect for the trauma you suffered while you could not get into the camper. Just look forward to telling this story and laughing like crazy with none of the other emotions popping up, because it is a jewel.

  5. All's well that ends well? I am glad you worked it out.

  6. I am so glad you were able to get into the camper thru the window. I know you are tired of stuff going wrong. Some how I got locked out of my house one time when I was living in Dover. There was a window open, but the house sat high and I had no ladder. I went and got the neighbor girl, she was about 5 and light as a feather, I picked her up and shoved her thru the open window. She thought it was great fun!


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