Friday, November 11, 2016

A Modern Quilt Show

Since I am not on the internet a lot since the flood (no modem or server and minimal coverage in the camper) I did not realize my Modern Guild was having the quilt show hung to Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council for the next two weeks.  I was......well, really quite upset. 

I am so grateful to the wonderful friends I have in that group.  They moved heaven and earth to hang several of the modern pieces and Cotton Robin quilts I had rolling around in my CRV.  Any other night we would have been in Frank's truck.  It was one of those "at the right time and in the right place" things. 

The Arts Council is the most amazing venue.  It is quite something to see your work displayed in a place that is meant to show art at its best. 

The people in my Modern Guild are incredibly talented designers and quilters.

Well, see for yourself.    And you might recognize one of the quilts from the Current Issue of the Modern Quilt Magazine!  Go Daisy!


  1. What a beautiful venue for a quilt show!

  2. Thank you sharing all the photos - beautiful quilts! The venue is gallery like and they are all hung very professionaly. I think my favorite is the one with the leaves. Hard to choose though

  3. WOW! What a great venue and what a wonderful display of really, really nice quilts!!!!

  4. I love seeing quilts hung in a gallery setting with lots of good lighting and space. Fun to see your little lemon quilt again, too.

  5. Beautiful display of fabulous modern quilts. Thanks for sharing. I love them all and only wish I could have seen them on an up-close level rather than photographs.....wonderful photographs, I should add.


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