Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving --- The Cabinets Are Nearly Complete

This is where we were today for Thanksgiving dinner.  From left to right are Andrew, Dee, Greg, Me Carrie and Frank.

We had a great meal at the Renaissance Hotel with Carrie and Andrew and our friends Dee and
Greg.  The food was amazing, the turkey and prime rib were perfect.  Mirliton stuffing, cornbread stuffing, mustard greens marshmallow topped sweet potatoes and an amazing honey mustard dressing.  A whole table of cheeses and fruit competed with the TWO tables of desserts........OK........I had all that and pumpkin cheesecake, pecan pie, some sort of deep deep chocolate cake with fudge ganache  and some sort of fruit compote and a vanilla custard.

And wine.........

Every time I eat a meal of "regular" food, I still fight stomach issues.  While I was fixing the dog's food tonight, I had to run into the house.  I left Frank with the task of taking the two bowls outside for the boys.  For some reason he hit his head on the door and dropped one of the bowls (with liquid) all over the camper table seats.  Cushions.  So we spent the night trying to clean that up.  Dog food went everywhere, dogs went everywhere.  Luckily we had no unfortunate scuffles over tiny food pieces.

that man hits his head on everything.  If it is within 10 feet of him, he hits his head on it.  All his customers and co-workers know that as well, and they give him pretty graphic hard hats.........

The one cabinet, the double oven one, got twisted in shipment.  The roof part came loose and crashed to the middle section which busted through the side.  Ourso had no problem ordering another one, but Frank decided we could fix it.

He and I worked on it for about three hours and felt it was good to go.  I will admit, it the cabinet guys had done this I would not have accepted it, but I was just wanting it installed.

If it didn't go in, I would have had to cancel the Tuesday delivery of the double oven AND the dishwasher since they cannot separate the two for some reason.  I really wanted that dishwasher, so I sacrificed perfection for fixed.

I have to admit however, the cabinet is stronger that it ever would have been!  The installer saw it, he chuckled and said we could use it for a jungle gym!

And you won't see any of the thousands of screws we put in since it gets butted against the pantry on one side and the over the fridge cabinet on the other.  Near perfection!

In the process I gorilla glued my Fitbit to my arm........yep......not coming off for a few days.  Which is quite a deal when I want to take a shower.......just sayin'

I think the cabinet guys were finished with what they can do right now.  On Tuesday the granite guy will come to measure for countertops.

Once the countertops go in, the cabinet guys can come back and finish the installation of the 5 pieces that sit on the granite counters.

Next week is another week.........hopefully the shower will get started, the oven and dishwasher will get installed and the granite guy will measure.  


  1. Have you got an ETA to move in? I'd be chomping at the bit big time...

    Sneaky Spice

  2. We want paint! We want paint! Oh and doors and a little trim and the shower. Is the hvac all ready to go yet?

  3. ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival (or in this case "move in day") -- happy to see the progress.

  4. Another way we are two of a kind: food! I love dessert. But this line, " I gorilla glued my Fitbit to my arm" is a me line if ever there was one. No explanation needed.

    Also happy to see the progress. Can't wait till you are finally done and can get back to a calm day of sewing!


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