Monday, November 7, 2016


Santa CAAWS was slow, but steady.  We had 62 photo packages sold, I am not sure what the total was yet.  As usual, we made a lot of owners happy!

That backdrop is just a canvas sheet with the photo on it.  We have 4 or 5 we rotate through the years.

We offer some costumes and collars to dress your dogs for the photo, most of our collection was lost in the flood so often people donated what they brought.

Santa had the most dreamy eyes!  They were a deep blue ringed with a lighter blue.  I can't wait to see how that looks in the photos!

A lot of CAAWS adoptees come to get photos and keep in touch with our volunteers.   This grey beauty was a fluffy black pup when she was rescued from a kill shelter by Sabra.  She was adopted quickly, and turned out to be a really great dog.

That is why I do what I do.

And my doors are supposed to have arrived in the city, I need to call State Lumber to see if they can be delivered to the house.  Cross your fingers!

I am just waiting on those doors......that will start the next flurry of work, and end with the doors, trim and painting done........and my bed can be delivered then.

Just need the doors to start it all.

Meanwhile, today was a bad day emotionally.  I am so over this mess.  I can't breathe, The camper is so bad for my allergies.  I feel like crap.  We met with our financial guy, trying to plan for the end of the year stuff.  This year we will have a huge loss to declare on taxes, which will help with some of the conversions we are making.

On Saturday Carrie, Frank and I went to The Ponchatoula Antiques Festival to look for a table.  Found several I liked, but came home with none.  The highlight of the trip were th guys.  The FFA in the small Louisiana towns are always good for a few cuddly beasts!

The pony is really a white one.  But once he got to the event, he rolled in some red dirt and turned himself orange.  gotta love him!

Today, I was supposed to have a plumber.....but he didn't show up.

 So I took all three dogs to the car wash in the CRV.  Just as We we're going into the water, McGee leans on the window opener and opens it.

He is hanging out enjoying the spray........and on the other end Chloe opens her window.

I look back at her and her ears are flapping in the blowers drying the car off?    OYE!


  1. oh Lord, McGee....... why am I not surprised it was McGee !!!

    a bed???? oh mercy, you are gonna have a BED - - hang on, the good things are coming !

  2. They wanted to be clean too. Besides you got an inside outside wash this way. Keep Smiling!

  3. Well, of course, McGee not only figures it out, but teaches Chloe how, also? LOL, that could be a bad thing. Glad to hear that Santa CAAWS was successful. Every dollar adds to the good work that y'all are doing. And how wonderful that people donated costumes for CAAWS. Hang in there, honey bunches, things are looking up!


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