Wednesday, November 2, 2016

So you want to know how we are REALLY doing down here?

This epitomizes the whole thing of us.  You know my plumber woes.  I finally got one scheduled for this Friday.

He calls me early this morning and I answer the phone and he says how are you?  I say well I hope I am having a plumber on Friday.

He says if I am home, I can have a plumber today.

As that sinks into my brain, I say, I will clear my schedule and buy you lunch!

I called my hairdresser and said to her I was canceling my appointment cause my plumber was coming. She said, honey you go,right ahead and handle that, I got ya on Thursday week,. I apologized and she said no problem mama ....when her electrician walked into her kitchen she had an electric orgasm!

I also had reservations for a really nice upscale Italian place with my doggy friend Dee....her husband just had hip we had plans together, mono au mono.  I called and cancelled her too, begging off because of the plumber.  Instead for lunch I am heading to the plumbing supply warehouse for another valve.

My plumber and his buddy assistant plumbed their hearts out all afternoon.  They will be back tomorrow.

Yes.  Plumber is good.  Must keep plumber happy so I offered him one of my IBC Root Beers.

He had this military grade power drink he used to drink on the battleground in Afghanistan. Better than root beer, he said.

While the sacred plumber was working, Frank and I were putting up the last run of the tar paper for the final section of siding to go back up.

And tomorrow, more  plumbing will be going  on!


  1. Yeah rah!!!! Did you ever think you would stop your life for a plumber? Getting that plumbing done is fantastic and soon walls can be finished. Congratulations!

  2. I thought I heard the hallelujah chorus coming from your direction.

  3. I am so glad that things are progressing...

  4. an electric orgasm....hahaha so did you have a plumb orgasm?.....hahaha


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