Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Death Certificates Floating in the Great Beyond

As you can imagine, all the stuff I had is no longer with me.  By stuff, I am referring to the elaborate files of death certificates, family histories and birth certificates we all keep somewhere.  As you can probably surmise, I kept mine in a filing cabinet in a lower drawer.

So when the letter arrived inquiring about my mother's status, I tossed it.  Surely......she has been gone a year and a half now.

This is the third letter, so I figured they really wanted to know.  Lo and behold! She had a policy that named me a beneficiary! Go figure.

Of course I will share with my brother.  Of course, after all, he did send me chocolate covered strawberries for Christmas!

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  1. It's interesting how now is the time you find out, right when you could use a pick-me-up, no?


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