Tuesday, December 20, 2016

New Look For the House

Blogger won't let me change any errors like the double picture.  So you will have to live with it until I get back to the camper and my laptop.  But you will be interested to know the in the double photo, that gold car is the crazy lady who put it there and sat in it the whole time my crew was working.  She wanted to make sir they did not get any leaf trash or mud on her property.  Which happens to be less than a 6 inch strip against her driveway.   At least this time she didn't voodoo dance.

in the spirit of changing everything old and making it new again, I had David Hogan and his landscaping crew come to rip out all the old bushes and put in a whole new front.

He added a water system in the beds as well.  And rocks between the porch and the beds.  In the center of the walkway, in that odd planter there, I have a really nice rosemary plant that will replace the one that was flood killed.  The rosemary is great for chicken and pork dishes and grows quite large here.  They use them as landscaping elements in down town green areas and along the main streets.

Price was good since he is not doing much work right now and it helps him keep his crews busy.

It took them most of the day today.  But it looks darn good!  David really tied in the bed shapes with the existing crepe myrtles and the huge Arizona ash.

We planted that ash tree when Carrie was a couple of years old.  Now they are both grown up.  Did you know that there is a certain kind of mushroom that only grows under ash trees?  And they do grow in my yard as well!


  1. Looks great! This is probably a great step in making you feel better. Hope there are more of those things around the corner.

  2. The new beds are look wonderful! Another step forward!

  3. Yay! Everything already looks so fresh and clean. I agree, the green color is bound to help you feel like life is getting back to normal. (Whatever that might be!) Very merry Christmas to you and yours!


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