Saturday, December 3, 2016

The House As It Stands Today

Master Bath.  I do have a new toilet   It is the kind that if you sit on it and flush it, you go down the drain like an airliner.  It is, however, in the further-most reaches of the house.  As far away from the camper as you can get -- the Master Bath.

I will tell you, having had a stomach virus over the weekend, you have no idea what a difference 50 feet makes.  When you are (pardon the visual) spewing from both ends, that 1 1/2 minute potty run could well have been an hour or two.  I want you to really feel for me.


Kitchen.  With the pavers cleaned up, the floor looks really good.  There will eventually be a cabinet over the fridge, and crown moulding all around the upper cabinets and the walls.

Guest Bath.  The 6 foot tub has been installed and we are waiting on the cultured marble people to come and measure, make and install the surround.


Painting.  We all know where that stands...........Waiting for the cabinets, trim and fireplace wall to be finished.


Granite.  Waiting.........for the cabinet to be finished.

Cabinet finishing. see if the cabinet guys ever can be found again.  I sure hope Jay did not pay them the whole fee!

Trim.  Waiting........for the closet doors to be installed and the cabinets finished.


Fireplace.  They need to mortar the two bricks in the facade back in place.

The back of the fireplace, which is in the laundry room, has been walled in.  But not floated or finished.  Which is a good thing, because the board that we need to distribute the weight of the TV that will be hung on the front of the fireplace is not installed.......geez.  I wonder how they planned on putting it in there?

 And this afternoon, Frank and I are taking the wood that used to live like sort of crown moudling around the den ceiling and cutting it up for hall closet shelves.

If we survive the project, we figure the painters can paint the shelves as part of their job.

That is if painters really exist..........


  1. Sending you lots of patients and cheer. Your camper must be big enough to house you and yours and three dogs. Hugs.

  2. I have a friend that bought 4 toilets before she found one with strong enough flush capability for her. She would probably love yours. I see your frustration with the cabinet guys, but the small touches cost them so much in time and planning that until forced they will avoid coming back. They can get a new job and a large chunk of cash for their half or full day so what you want isn't a priority as long as there are lots of jobs to be had. Good luck and no more weekend with Montezuma and his revenge.

  3. The extra miles (I know it feels like it) to the master bath seems horrible while you're spewing your way there, try appreciate that you now have privacy, flushing capabilities, and cleanliness. Though, I'm thinking the spewing was the real problem, not the distance. I hope you are feeling much better and are not too weak from the virus. While the story is funny (we've all been there) the virus is rough and lingering weakness is all too real. Feel better!

  4. Feel better soon! Seconds count when your body is letting loose! Let's hope there is lots of progress this week!


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