Friday, January 27, 2017

Blazing Fast Internet

Blazing fast internet.  That is what I have now the modem is not encased in the steel camper from hell.

Look how flippantly I say that.  Camper from Hell.  I really think of it as an endearing hell, it kept us out of the shelters and more importantly, it kept all the three dogs together with me.  i know of lots of people who had to re-home their dogs.  Or worse yet, so many animals were just left at the houses to fend for themselves.  Animal Control is still finding dogs every day left in yards, fed by neighbors or just roaming the streets.

Mine are all safe with me.

Yesterday I had painters and the Twins working.  My punch list is down to 8 items.

Pendant lights in the Guest and
Pendant lights in Master Baths over the sink
install the bi-fold doors in frank's office
crown moulding over cabs in den and in guest bath
Install fake drawer in kitchen, possibly make it shorter to fit under stove workings
put the feet on the two kitchen cabinets
install exterior door in master bedroom
grout the pavers installed where the wall was taken down

and for the painters to finish painting touch-ups.

I think all of those things will get done today.

oh my.


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