Monday, January 2, 2017

Bullet Journal

i don't know if you remember a few weeks ago when McGee took my spiral notebook In which I made all the notes and notations and phone numbers and names and to do lists since the beginning of the flood.  I was so angry with him.  He eviscerated the notebook, tossing pages all over the yard.  It was unrecoverable.  I was ready to give him away.  That book was my life.

I had been researching journaling anyway so I decided to jump in and just do it, as they say. 
Bullet journals are so flexible, you can do what you want, create pages you need, find stuff again and keep yourself organized.  

And best of all......I can make a really cool journal cover for it!!!!

After looking at several journal sites, I decided to get a journal with pages of dot matrix so I can do some fun stuff like my zentangle drawings.  It is from Peter Pauper Press and has "essentials" embossed on the back cover.

One of the fun things I want to do is to keep a running list of all the high temps each day and put that together in a quilt.  I had one worked out this last summer.......but you know where all that is now, right?  I had gathered 18 colors and had worked out temp,ranges and everything.  Sigh!

The Cotton Robin block needs to be made and I have an idea for that.  It will be the first sewing since the flood.  

Hey........don't get too excited, I haven't gotten to it yet....ya hear!

I spent the afternoon talking to my two down neighbor......she is a 5 time Olympic athlete and a gold medalist in Volleyball.  I am tall, but she towers over me by more than a FOOT!  Her mom died two years ago, and she had put her stuff in an extra room.  Gone, of course, she didn't even get a chance to go through it.  

We all have our stories.  


  1. I like the idea of a combo planner and doodle journal . I'm not a list maker but doodles? Well now your talkin! How will you keep this one away from Damien of the dog world?

  2. SO good to read a post like this . . . wonderful that you're thinking about sewing and creating again!

  3. Such sadness in the stories, but you are all safe and you have memories to help you gather the strength to rebuild.

  4. I will check back as I want to see what journal you will be using. I am glad the painting is getting done, but sad to think you won't be back in the house until February. Thanks for sharing the neighborhood's story. So many people dealing with so much!

  5. Yay! Journaling, doodling, creating in your has to start somewhere!

    You know what's amazing? You are so stressed and have so much going on, yet you stop to help your neighbors and spend time with them when they need. You take time to keep up with how the neighborhood is doing. You are one of the best of people. Thank you for being yourself. (And hold on.)


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