Monday, January 30, 2017


Jay and Adam spent all day switching out the door in the master bedroom leading outside.  It is an important door, it is the one that lets the dogs into the yard at night.  I thought it was so novel when we bought the house.  No one I knew had a door leading to the outside from their bedroom.

It saved us a lot of steps through so many Swissy pups who grew into old age in that bedroom.
And the on to the Bad Basset Boyz, who came to us at about 10 months each, but starved nearly to death.  They took to training easily, so eager to please for food.  Chloe never really was a basset's basset, preferring Swissy ways; especially their solitude.

This ticks a few more things off the list of things to complete and utter FINISH.  The Twins didn't show up again, I wonder if I will see them again.

Now I need to sort through the three piles of wood; tossing out scrap wood is as hard for me as tossing out scrap fabric! While I got the love of fabric from my mother and grandmother, I have a love of wood from my father.

He could make anything from wood.

He even made a dinosaur!


  1. Glad the dinosaur made it through the flood!

    your pal,
    Sneaky Spice

  2. One more thing off the list! I have a hard time throwing scraps of wood away too. I always think I might need it for some job around the house. Your dinosaur is so cute and what a treasure! So glad he made it thru the flood!

  3. I agree with Sneaky Spice - hooray for the dinosaur's survival - Hugs, Sneaky Doodle

  4. The dinosaur is absolutely cute. I hope you'll tell it's story one day. I'd love to know why and for whom and know all that business that's not my business.


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