Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Exhausted Today

Before they left yesterday, the Twins asked me if they could come at 7 AM today.  Of course i said yes.  They want to work, I want to accommodate them.

So I got up at 6, got the dogs fed, my hair washed and I dressed.  I ate breakfast and took the dogs four houses down for a walk.  That was because I realized I left the back door wide open.  When we got back, I ate breakfast and cleared up stuff in the areas the painters  were going to be working.

At 7 am i was ready for the Twins.

they got there at 9:30.......

The painters?  I must have misunderstood, they never showed.

 But the Twins got a few things done and more of the backsplash completed.

Frank took this photo in one of the buildings he was in today.  It reminded him of the light fixture in the foyer he likes so much!

It looks like the contractor and painter work will be completed by the end of the week, at least by Tuesday.

And Monday, the CAAWS construction begins in earnest.  A different contractor, Malcolm.   A dedicated crew.  Construction should take a month, tops.  It will be difficult with the animals but it will be worth it.

So I am exhausted now.  At least I am sleeping in m own bed and get to shower insicde again!


  1. It looks like things are getting done. When do you get to shower in your new shower - I missed that update.

  2. You know if you had overslept they would have been there right on time and brought friends too!

  3. Hopefully your house will be finished before the CAAWS building gets well under way. Rest and rest lots over the weekend so you'll be ready for a new, dedicated crew and new problems. Too bad the animals can't find homes before work begins. I anticipate that some of the dogs will welp loudly when the noise gets too bad. I wonder if thunder coats work for hammering...


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