Saturday, January 7, 2017

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Maybe I should have a question and answer session!  LOL

We have the bed in the house, that is the ONLY thing in the house other than the cabinets in various places and the occasional long arm table.  We sleep in the bed at night.  When the painters were here the house was filled with fumes and we couldn't.  Even now my throat is raw and my head is mostly stopped up.  During the day we use the camper as base because that is where the food stuffs are and the water.  We still have no running water in the house, except for the one toilet.  Oh and the washer, but try as I might it is difficult to get water out of the washing machine.  Although it is cleaner than the water from the toilet!

The master bedroom closet is comp,tand will have clothes poles installed tomorrow.  We can habpng our meager amount of clothes in there.  Right now my tops are in a 1 foot wide and 4 foot long closet in the camper.  My blue jeans and black knit pants are tossed over the camper dining table bench.  And my lingerie is in a tote bag I made at a retreat two years ago.  That hangs out on the camper,bed that gets wet periodically.

Frank is installing door knobs on interior doors and air registers on open ceiling holes.  We still have lights that need installation, Hunter will do that some of that next week.  He has been a great help with these little tasks that we need to get to completion.  That I can't count on Jay to do.

The closet will expand my living area tremendously.  Poor Frank will be able to spread out his shirts and he won't have to be wrinkled every day he goes to work.  He will like that.

So the answer to that question is ...... we are in the no man's land of betweenness.  Between the camper and the house.  The camper has the internet boxes and the TV so I can't entirely live in the house.  I still need to supervise dogs when workers are here and leave doors open.  I chased DiNozzo down the street on Thursday.

But we are getting closer.  The shower will be a big leap forward, as will the granite next week.  That will give me the ability to put the sink and maybe my gas stove top in.  And you know that that means, right Sneaky Spice!


  1. You bet I get it!!!

    your pal,
    Sneaky Spice

  2. I know it wasn't and isn't funny, but I am chuckling the picture of you chasing DiNozzo down the street.

  3. Sounds like progress to me. It is worth chasing DiNozzo once in a while to get the house done. The fact that he got loose means someone was there working. This inquiring mind is a little relieved because it seemed for a while that nothing was getting done, but now things are moving along.

  4. Much better sounding than Friday's post. You are so close. You have to get through betweenness to get there. It's like the family road trip: the kids fighting in the backseat, exhaustion, miserable roads...but then you arrive!

  5. Betweenness -- may it not last too horribly much longer. (Sneaky Doodle)


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