Thursday, January 26, 2017

Less Than a Dozen

There were some serious Internet problems yesterday and last night.  So I left a few messages for Andrew to come over to move the Internet and the TV from the Camper of Hell to the new beautiful kitchen.  We finally connected last night and he will head this way, probably this afternoon. It is time to move that stuff.

I am not sure it will get all moved today, but maybe.  I can hope, anyway.

The Twins finished up the backsplash while I was out "making groceries". 

Making Groceries is a New Orleans term that has left my daily language after all these years of being away from my family in New Orleans.  It means to buy groceries at the grocery store.  New Orleans is full of similar colorful language.  Like the Flying Horses for the carousel at City Park.  Or bell peppers for what people traditionally call green peppers for seasoning.  Or the silver dime.  You never just say dime, it is always a silver dime even though there hasn't been much silver in it for a long long time!  And of course, you "rinch your hands in the zinc". 

My favorite, one I still say, is that we are going to visit your "momenem"  It could be your brother, your sister, your cousins, your friends.  Or just your mom and them!

And I still "axe" Frank something from time to time.

Today I was "making groceries"!  I want to make some freezer meals for me and Carrie.  She is having such hard time pulling everything together with work picking up and her Junior League work with the Diaper Donations.  When she calls to chat with me on her way home, she often is ordering at Taco Bell or McDonalds.  She wants some easy, healthy, ready meals.  And I want to do some cooking.

Yes! The kitchen is finished.  I bought the tiles myself, so when I measured and calculated I had to rely on my own untested smarts.  So how did that end up?  They had 6 tiles left over, whew!  And the stove backsplash is gorgeous!  Steven did a masterful job cutting and placing the tiles.  Each tile in the bathroom and the kitchen has been hand cut with a single saw, not the traditional wet saw.  You can tell everything is so precise. 

After the grouting was complete, the Twins moved on to the list of 11 things I had created for them.

Listen to that.  I only have 11 things to do to finish up with the contractor.  Can you believe it?  That part of this whole ordeal is nearly over.  Over. 

I asked the Twins yesterday, what am I going to do here alone all day long, without you?

This last shot is looking from the kitchen to the old dining room, which will be the new Long Arm Studio.  Looking forward, that is what I want to be doing now. 

Looking forward.......


  1. Eleven items . . . wowsers. THAT has been a long time coming.

  2. The twins are smart fellas. Look forward to getting your quilting going again.

  3. And you didn't list the eleven? Lol

  4. I loved reading your NOLA phrases. I have family there and have most of those many times. My dad was from Lafayette, so we have phrases that leave others scratching their heads.

    Six tiles left? Wow, your math is "powerful better" than mine. I may have you do some quilt math for me in the future. Enjoy the house and the quiet (when the twins leave) and set up your Long Arm Studio. You deserve it all so very much!

  5. If -I- am doing the happy dance of joy, I can only imagine what YOU are doing!

    --Sneaky Spice

  6. Fantastic! only 11 items on the list is beyond wonderful! I have more than 11 items on my house to do list and I was never in a flood! Enjoy that new kitchen!


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