Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let me tell you about John.....

Our incredible financial advisor is an amazing human being.  His story is shared in todays newspaper.  I knew some of it, and I have met the two men he is mentoring.  But I didn't know the whole story.

The parts he talks about in the article below makes me understand why he does what he does.  And his life shows that you can turn around your own problems if you want to make yourself and your life better.

I am grateful to be in this man's life.  He is, like I said, an amazing human being.

John Neyland article


  1. That was a heavy article to read...but such an inspiration to so many! Thanks for sharing!

  2. John is amazing. My daughter mentored a young lady whose life wasn't perfect, not even good. She still keeps in touch 6 years after graduation. It was extremely challenging to mentor because the life experiences my daughter had were nothing like her mentee. The girl is an extremely intelligent and capable person pushed to doing things she didn't want to do because of family ties. I think I heard she was beaten by her mother and 2 aunts for refusing to lie to the police. I know that after she got a job she was required to pay room and board even though her dad was paying child support. She was responsible for too much too early and now has a child that she is raising. This is how the cycle of poverty continues.

  3. In education we see and hear many heartbreaking stories of students who are abused, disadvantaged, orphaned, impoverished, abandoned, and left to raise themselves and, quite often, siblings. It's heartbreaking. I have no doubt that it is one of the main reasons that few new teachers remain in the profession and experienced teachers burn out. How often do we hear how students' lives affect teacher stress, yet teacher stress factors into those students' lives. Talk about a vicious cycle.
    It's wonderful to know that John is trying to find a way to help the neediest of children. He should know that the impact of his work goes beyond the students themselves.


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