Saturday, January 14, 2017

Let There Be...........WATER

Today is exactly 5 months since the water rose.  Five months since my life changed so drastically.  I couldn't even begin to imagine.  Five of the worst months in the history of my existence.  Five months of clinging to the barest of basic necessities, living without anything familiar or comfortable.

It seems like an eternity.

When I left this morning, I told Frank that he needed to concentrate on ONE sink, somewhere in the house, and get me some working water.  I wanted water in the house.....somewhere, anywhere. 

You would think after the Great Flood, the last thing I would want would be water in the kitchen.  But it was just wonderful to turn that handle for the first time in 5 months and get ..........WATER!

The kitchen now has a working faucet.....

and a working dishwasher..........

a working refrigerator.........

and a working oven!

The gas stove top may be a bit delayed.  It seems that when Frank went to plug in the  electronic ignition, there was no socket in the wall.  The sheetrock people closed it in.  So now they have to figure out how to find it behind the cabinet and sheetrock and uncover it without hitting the gas pipe or the electric line.

That will be for tomorrow's work.

After dinner with Greg and Dee, Frank and I scored some biscuits from the grocery store.  Frank will finally get his biscuits tomorrow morning!  He has been dying for biscuits and jelly. 
Frank and Hunter worked all day again today.  Carrie came by to collect me for a day of furniture shopping and buying.  She bought a chair and I bought this bin beauty.

It will go into the quilt room, holding brightly colored thread cones and scissors and rotary cutters.  Aren't those bins just too perfect for fat quarters and strips and who knows what else?

My second furniture acquisition.  


  1. Woo hoo!!! On your way to COOKING!!!

  2. Wow love your bin! You answered all my questions 😁.

  3. Whoa, tempting fate with that title, aren't you? So exciting to have not only water at the tap but working kitchen appliances!! From afar it seems like progress is accelerating.....I think you'll need to have a good riddance party for the camper soon.

  4. And normal, comforting things in your home build little by little. Hope the biscuits were perfect.

  5. I don't know which would make me happier: water or biscuits. I do know that that studio bin is perfect. What a treasure find! I'd probably want several--can't get too much of good thing! lol


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