Wednesday, January 4, 2017

More Neighbors

My across the street neighbors are Nancy and Greg.  If you remember my story of The day of the flood when Carrie facebooked her childhood friend Julia in Washington DC who texted her mom, who shouted out the window to us.  We were on that raised porch as the water was rising still.  Carrie had sent Blake with a boafff
A meeting with her contractor was scheduled today, so after that she came to my camper to pick up her mail and invite  me to lunch!!!!!

One thing Nancy talked about was something that happens to me a lot too.  When she is sad about her house and possessions lost, people often say, well you are getting a new house out of this.  She, like me, feels angry.  Neither of us wanted a new house.  We didn't want to lose our stuff.  These decisions we are having to make about replacements, are for things we liked.  Things we didn't want to replace.

Neither of us wanted this new stuff.  We just want our old stuff back.

In fact, Nancy said she deliberately chose the same ugly fabric for her new sofa.........just because.


  1. Yes, you can buy a new stove, sofa, etc., but you can't replace the photos, sentimental furniture, and other sentimental items that were lost and you will never get back all the time spent dealing with the mess, the stress suffered has taken a toll, and mental and physical anxiety of the trauma you have been thru since the flood will take time to subside. People need to think before they comment on the situation.

  2. People would say that to me too. So insensitive. I've had others ask me if I wished my house had completely burned so I wouldn't have to deal with all the stuff that did survive. Grrrrr

  3. Pictures bring memories. Curtains that you bought for your child bring memories. The stove that worked just the way you liked it, the bathroom that you worked days to get just the way you liked it, the paint, the trim, everything had memories. I hope people who say that are trying to make the best of a bad situation. At least the two of you had common ground to share the frustration. Just trust that the people who said that care about you.


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