Monday, January 23, 2017


We are so close to finishing, I wanted to make sure the guys knew how much I appreciated their work for the last 5 months.  So I got them all Lowes gift cards!  They were happily stunned.

I also gave them Burger King cards so they could have lunch on me!

Today they will put the fixtures in the shower and tile my backsplash.

I am happy today again!  And I am going to miss them when they don't come anymore


  1. Tips are always a good touch to show your appreciation. I always tip the delivery guys when I buy a big item.

  2. That sort of kindness is appreciated and allows them to feel better about what they do. The next person they work for will probably reap the benefits, but gladly they know that someone cares!

  3. Good for you -- it HAS been a long hard road for all of you. Happy that things are finally at this point.

  4. Gestures like yours are what spreads good karma and helps bring civility to life. You are soooooo very close to have a home, rather than "accommodations", ha, how's that for a description for your camper?

  5. That is such a nice gesture!! You catch more bees with honey you know!!! Plus, it shows folks you do appreciate them. that's the problem now a days...we don't let the worker folks know when they do a good job. Nicely done!


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