Friday, January 6, 2017

Shower Progression

They started off thinking they would do the floor and come back on Monday and do the walls.

But that got changed up somehow.  So they started on the walls.  Hmmm......

About where they stopped will be a 6 inch line of those hexie stones.  Gorgeous!

Hunter and Frank worked all day finishing up the plugs and switches.  At one point they bebopped off to Lowes to get more stuff and some ceiling fans.  But came home with only the stuff and not the fans.  Hmmm.....

Richard from the cabinet place came to measure for the butcher block counter that will be where we took the wall out and added the lower cabinets.

It will take about 2 week.

And the beam for the opening is ready to be picked up.  Jay says he will do that.  Hmmmm.......

So here is the timeline.  Hopefully somewhere in there Jay sends workers to complete the few things left on the cabinets and all the other items, like an electrician.....hmm.

Shower work continues Monday!
Dentist on Monday!
CAAWS Board meeting!
Table comes on Thursday!
Granite comes on Friday!


  1. Slow but surely!! As 'they' say!!! It will be so beautiful!!!!

  2. Do you have to wait until completion to move in? Are you still in that dang camper?

  3. Haha see I'm trying to get you out of the camper too. I think you should blog that answer too! Two finishes!


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