Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thanks For The Offer, Lynne!

It would be wonderful to take a shower at your house with Millie supervising!

I may not need to drive over there thoug.

CAAWS was participating in a leadership recruitment event through LANO (Louisiana Nonprofit Organizations).  We were speed dating a  group of people who want to serve on boards such as ours.  It is a way to help fill in our needy spots and get a new perspective and ideas.

As I was feeding the dogs early to head over to  the event, Richard from the cabinet people called.  He needed to make a template for the butcher block top.  All he needed was 10 minutes, he said.  I said come on.

He showed me a picture of the beautiful piece of wood they created.  I am excited about it finally coming in to be installed.  Another piece in the kitchen that will be finished.

He left, dogs were fed.

I am walking out to my car and up drives Shaun from Attaboy Plumbers.  I weigh the desire to shower with the need for my presence at the CAAWS event........

It might be possible to do both.  I let the plumber guys in, corral Chloe into the back yard.  She was not happy, she wanted to supervise.  Gave them instructions not to let Chloe out the front door and and don't let the boys out of crates.

And I escorted them to the shower.  When they left, they reinstated Chloe to her soft dog bed perch, she got some happy time with the plumbers while the boys were miserable, I am sure.

But I am happy to inform you........I have a shower!

No glass enclosure or shower curtain, but that didn't stop me from taking a shower in the corner of the huge shower with all the jets facing the wall!!!!!

I felt like I was standing in the middle of a huge field in the middle of a warm rainstorm!


  1. Yeah rah!!!!! I bet you smiled from ear to ear!

  2. Now to get rid of that darn camper!

  3. Whew! Had me scared there for a minute! Thought I would have to close my eyes...good to see just that really cool shower tile and not a person inside! :)


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