Thursday, January 19, 2017

I wish I was in Alaska...........

The rain was supposed to be really bad today.  I spent the day in the camper with the dogs babysitting the storm terrified McGee.  It turned out not to be lightening storms and he was actually doing well.  I hated being back in that camper.

I was laying in the bed watching the Alaskan Bush People ride around Alaska in The Integrity.  Suddenly I noticed the mattress was wet.  The stupid trailer was leaking even though half of it is covered in plastic sheeting and tarps.  Of course there was no man around the house anywhere and  I had to climb on the ladder and poke at the tarps.  Not that it did any good, I couldn't tell where the leak was happening anyway.

You will love this.  I ordered two of the bedside lamps from Ikea like we had before the flood.  They came today in this huge box.  The Fedex guy had to rearrange half the truck to get it off.  And it was nearly four feet tall.  Here are the two lamps within the box.  Really?

The advancements for today are very dramatic.  Check it out.

The master bathroom mirrors are wired into the wall and light up.

The cabinet over the fridge was put in place.  It makes the kitchen look complete.  I was not going to put that side wall up, but Carrie kept badgering me about doing it.  Now I am really glad I asked them to do it.

yes, that is McGee in the trash.

The top half of the half door into the sewing room is up.  Odd they did the top first, but maybe that is a carpenter thing.

The cabinets are in place beside the fireplace.  The ones on the other side are just like these.  I will have to take a photo of the whole room when the long arm is moved out of the way. 

Then they wired the electricity for the electronic ignition on the stove.  If I can find the grates, I can put the stove on.  Oh, no, wait.  Hunter has to put the gas connection back together.

The plug for the microwave is in as well.  It is finished now, but i don't have the final photo.  The microwave will actually go where all that stuff is in the cubby hole there.  The area the plug is in is actually a cabinet with doors.  In this photo the doors are open.  The microwave is at a convenient shoulder level.

This is one of the doors for the fireplace cabinets.  It was coming apart at the join and they are gluing it back together.  Sigh...........

This is my mirror in the master bath.  The other one was Frank's.  the mirrors are wonderful lighting for makeup or hair fixing.  I highly recommend them.  The first time I saw one was in a hotel in Colorado.  Definitely high end hotel.  It was for Jason's wedding last year.

And for the first time today, I blew my hair dry and straight ironed it in front of my own mirror, in my own bathroom.

However, I washed it in the kitchen sink...............sigh.


  1. Yes, it is coming together! I like the idea of the dutch door for your sewing room. It opens in to the kitchen - right? I am thinking you can have something cooking and have the top section open to see, and keep the bottom section closed all the time so the dogs don't get into your sewing stuff.

  2. Oh, but there is SO much progress happening --- you'll need to take us all on a video tour when things are back in place and the construction guys are gone.

  3. I think at this point I wouldn't have had any hair to wash. Patience isn't my virtue. I am not even acquainted with it if truth be known. You are doing great and it will get done and I think it will make a perfect April Fools day Gift to have it done.

  4. Wow, it just keeps moving along...sometimes slowly but still moving.
    Do I see that your bathroom sink has a smidge more space and water faucets? That's a smart move, my girl. Also go ahead and tell Carrie that she was right: that fridge does look better with the wall. I agree with Julie, you need to give us a tour when it's done. Have a great weekend!


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