Monday, February 27, 2017

Chloe is a Vet Now

Yes, my dog is a fully qualified vet.....she can do CAT Scans now......sorry, that was too good to pass up.  She is a vet, however.  Wound Care Specialty.

I took her in early this morning.  The  Boyz got crated and she was free and going for a ride!  Once at the vet, she wanted to smell all the great places other dogs left messages, but I was not going to stand in the rain while she checked the P-Mail.  We agreed to disagree and I got somewhat wet.

Once in the vet we played Find It.  I hide a treat and she finds it.  At least I didn't get wet for that one.

The Staple Pulling Vet came out to get her.  She was so happy, she pulled him to the back where she could see all her vet tech friends.  He brought her out pretty quickly.  He said, there's no staples.

I said, go back and check closer because TWO people (including the VET) told me to bring her back for staple removal.

He took her back once again.  She was perfectly happy as there were several people she hadn't told hello yet.

once again, he came back saying the other vet tech could find no staples either.  Hmmmm.

I said, call Stephen Lee.  He put staples in. The great doctor came and looked at her; all the staples he put in were gone.

So that must be the metal things I have been finding all over the house..........


  1. Too too funny -- sorry you had to get wet to find out she was a specialist.

  2. Gotta love a girl that fixes her own problems!

  3. I've had those staples (the human brand, but still...) they are a miserable contraption. I'd say perhaps a cone for her head, except I'm with Penny on this one!

  4. When I had my staples removed after I had major surgery in 2011, I had them put all of them in a bag for me to take. I had wanted to make a piece for National Metal Music Day 11-11-11, but I ended up in the hospital so the piece never got made. I had started on the piece before I got sick so as I went thru recovery, it dawned on me I needed to keep my staples and add them to my piece as a tongue in cheek salute. I still need to get that piece made. I am glad Chloe is doing well.


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