Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oh, Yes!

What a weekend.

This morning we got started cleaning out the Camper From Hell.  It actually went easier thank I thought it would.  Frank gave Jason a call, he is working a turnaround right now so he will get it out of here in the next week or so.  Oh, yes!

With all the activity and walking and standing, my knees and feet are killing me!  I miss my China Gel.  So I got on amazon and bought me some.  Oh, yes!

I swear I hate working with Frank.  We do thing so differently.  We have been working on that closet for 5 days now.  My sewing room, you know.  I was losing patience.  So I took the nail gun, the drill and some screws and finished it myself.  Oh, yes!

So tomorrow I should get my Oriental rug from storage and my long low piece for the foyer should be coming.  I still need furniture to sit on.  We are down to just one chair in the den, one of our tailgate chairs broke, it was exciting to all of a sudden be on the floor.  Oh Yes!

We rewarded ourselves to a night out with friend and an amazing Pollo Piccatta at a new Italian restaurant in town.  Oh, and a really nice Italian Cream Cake.  If you have never had one, you should run, not walk, to your local fine bakery.  Oh, yes!

Oh, yes!  Look what came home!  It still has no place to live, but it still came home.  Oh YES!


  1. Inch by inch life's a cinch...

  2. I am sorry to hear that there are still struggles. The house is coming along and those details are being completed which is good. You have lived with chaos for so long maybe being normal again is scary because it again is a big change! Yes, get that studio working again! If Frank decides to retire what is he going to do with all that time he will have? His desk turned out great - good job for putting it together!

  3. Thursday is Coming! I will be there with two chairs, a bed, rulers, Quilts, and Fabric. Once you start sewing again things will start looking brighter. Besides, I will be there to make you laugh and hug the heck out of you.

  4. You are so fun to read. You just tell it like it is. Really happy for you right now because it is getting good!


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