Thursday, February 9, 2017

Re-Finding My Life in the Boxes

We have been, well, I have been, pulling boxes from the storage trailer.  It will be picked up on Saturday.  Finally it is empty.

I have gone through box after box after box....pulling stuff I did not think I owned anymore.  And now finding I don't have a place to put what I still have.

I was talking to Connie today and she was saying the same thing.  She just got shelves in her cabinets and now she can put her stuff away.

So Saturday we will have the storage trailer out of the way.  And can work on getting the camper cleaned up.  I can't imagine how that will happen!  I think we should torch it!

I talked to Aunt Meg today at the Quilt Corner.  She is going to order me a pole end.  It should be in next week and give me and Paula a good excuse to head out to the quilt store!  Her house flooded as well.  They are back in but still have all the little things to get done.  Things that we just finished up so I know how frustrating it can be.  She described it like dominoes, one thing needs to happen before anything else can happen, but when it does, it will fall like dominoes!

I ended up going to see my doctor about the allergy attacks I have been having. I think I am having panic attacks too.   But I am not sure if I have the panic attacks because I can't breathe with the allergy attack, or I am having an allergy attack that simulates a panic attack.  Either way, I have been having some difficult time breathing. 

I really need a place to put my stuff in the bedroom so we went to look at bedroom furniture.  You know, I don't like any of it.  Frank liked this one, it has jewelry cases that pull out from behind the mirror.  It's companion dresser has a pull out knob that you can hang your jacket on when you get undressed!

Interesting, but not the one!  I don't have any jewelry to put in it!

The construction at CAAWS is coming along.  this is the  new dog wash that has been sitting there for six months waiting for a contractor.  Last night the board approved additional funding for new dog kennels.  These will be concrete and way better looking than the chain link ones that are rusting in there right now.

Up to date, we will be!

Do you remember the leaf quilt that was on the long arm when the flood waters rose?  It didn't get wet!  The water came to the table but didn't go on to the table.  It didn't get to the encoder wheels so the machine should be fine.  I will get it set up sometimes net week and try it out, when I get time!  LOL.

I bought these metal shelves from the office supply place.  They are used and not a bit dented or scuffed.  Must have been one of those fake office fronts!  They were $99 each and will be delivered on Tuesday next.  I got all three, I think two will go in the dining room and one in my sewing room.  Or maybe all three in the dining room, I am not sure yet. 

I want this.......not sure where I would put it, but i want it badly!


  1. I am so glad to see the leaf quilt! How wonderful it never got wet. Those shelves are really nice and they have such nice tops on them! I agree on the cabinet - beautiful! Maybe you will find a place to put it after you get the rest of the furniture installed so you can buy it.

  2. You are so much more bubbly and outgoing than you were a month ago. If you were having panic attacks the level of panic may diminish quickly and cause them to slow also. Can't wait to hear about the machine and frame. Just keep smiling there is so little left to be done.

  3. Get the piece you want badly and put all three shelves in the sewing room. Problem solved. :-)

    Hopefully the panic and allergy attacks will subside soon. Our crazy weather (80 degrees in February???) is driving everyone insane with colds, flu, allergies, and so on. Maybe if your doctor can get the allergies under control, your panic attacks will end. Prayers and hugs.


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