Saturday, February 11, 2017

Storage Trailer GONE!

Ron came up today and got the storage trailer from where it has lived for six months now.   I have to admit, the space looks empty.   I drove my car all the way up to the camper and it looks like, if we clean the car port off, I'll be able to get my car under the carport.  It will be the first time this car has ever been in my car port.

Small steps toward normal.

If normal is achievable.

In the many trips to Lowes and Target these last few days, we have added many things back to the house assets.  Like toilet paper holders, bamboo cutlery trays, towel holders, a shower curtain for the 6 foot bath tub!

I bought this laundry basket with a lid because I own an idiot who rifles through the laundry baskets and tosses clothes throughout the house on a regular basis.   Yeah, the bad one, McGee.  DiNozzo would be the perfect dog if he didn't have McGee for a brother!

I was tired of the house looking like a flood victim, so I called the landscaper guy and asked him to sod the front lawn.  It looks so Good!  All the neighbors are stopping by and commenting.

At Carrie's house today while we were celebrating Andrew's birthday, I found several boxes in her garage that held the antique crystal from my grandfather's china cabinet.  They were all wrapped in my stack of fabrics in blue and oranges!  That was more exciting than finding the crystal still intact!

I bought a roll of bubble wrap and re-packaged the crystal and washed the fabric.....twice in a vinegar wash.  Another box held more crystal wrapped in Frank's  dress shirts and a few of my t shirts.  Most of which no longer fit me. (Note to self:  Diet!). Although in my defense, most of these were my dog t shirts from at least 15 years ago or more when I was training dogs.

We also found my Kitchen Aid mixer sitting in a corner on Andrews workbench

On Friday we went to a couple of furniture stores looking for some bedroom furniture.  let me tell you, the prices are shocking!  We need to up the contents portion of our Flood Insurance policy for sure. What we have won't cover much of what we need to purchase or already have purchased.

I am not going to replace everything, we will definitely have less furniture.  This house is pretty big and over the last 32 years we certainly kept filling it with stuff.

I am partial to this set.  It is Amish made so it will last forever like my last set.  And it has a modern flair to it, which I like.  Those long brushed nickel handles make it look fun while the rich wood makes it look expensive.

There was another one nearly as costly as the Amish one, but for some reason it just looks cheaper to me.  I like it, it sort of looks like filing cabinets!  That would be really modern!

And I still need some chairs for my kitchen table.  I do like this one a lot.

I absolutely fell in love with this yellow leather chair.  I think it would compliment the yellow bookcase cabinet in the breakfast area.  And it is so comfortable.  Chairs are outrageously expensive too!  This one was over $1500!

But I love it..............

Now i am scared to make any decisions....if I end up not liking the furniture in a month or a year, it is too expensive to just change.

What do I do?



  1. Don't forget that you may want to drive a little way from where you live to look at second hand stores because some wood furniture goes there instead of in the trash and it is cheaper. Consignment and even Goodwill may have treasures.

  2. SO exciting to find your crystal wrapped in stash fabric -- and I totally feel your decision-making-fears. It is so hard to make so many decisions in quick succession and you have been bombarded by dilemmas over the past months. Get what you like, get less rather than more, and know that you can always add a piece here or there.

  3. I agree with Julie. Perhaps get only what you absolutely need. Then, when you've had time to be calm and breathe, you can make the hard decisions. It's expensive, but I like the chair, too.


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