Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tour de House - Den/ Living Room (Chloe update)

Note:  Chloe is doing much better today.  She walked around several times,  went outside to sun and ate lunch bones with the Boyz.  They leave her alone for the most part.  Her shaved butt is seriously funny, so DiNozzo looks at her, then at me and chuckles.
Now for our regularly scheduled look at the den.
G: Would you get me the tools from the den?
F:  OK. (Goes into the dog room and comes back with no tools) Didn't see any tools.
G:  They are in the den.
F:  OK.  (Goes into the kitchen and comes back with no tools .) Didn't see any tools.
G:  In the den!  In the box in the den.
F:  OK.  (Goes into the bedroom, then the foyer, then the sewing room. Each time he has to pass through the den, and by the tools.)

Frank, who loves to tick me off just to mess with me when I am in no mood for fun yet, says he had no idea that this was a den.  And really to his credit, it is our living room, but is in the middle of the house. When we bought the house it was touted as a Great Room.  We have always called it the den since a living room is generally more formal.  When I did the insurance inventory, I listed it as the den.....Frank!

The room is pretty great, weighing in at 25 x 27 feet.  I didn't realize how big it was until we got all the furniture out of there!  There is huge window that opens to the back yard and the patio.  When the weather is nice and the yard is full of green and promise, the window is a beautiful picture of our world.

But it also has a history.  It is the window through which I watched as the water rose and destroyed our lives.  I still see flashes of the water rising high against the goldfish pond.  I still see the water as it covered the grass and walkways and cars.

I have times when I walk into a room and have to stop and breathe because I see the water swirling around my ankles.  It is no wonder I have panic attacks.

Right now, this is the extent of the furniture in the den.These are the chairs we found on our carport after the water went down.  They floated in with the floodwaters.  We have been grateful for the mystery chairs since they are the only things we have to sit on.  The floor is  It  a ceramic tile that resembles wood.  It was there before the flood, and seems to be unharmed.  It really is a pretty floor.

The sofa, sofa tables and chairs are all on order.  I am guessing we still have another two weeks before they arrive.  We do, however, have a TV.  One here in the den and one in the bedroom.  Frank bought a 26 inch TV to replace a 19 inch one I had in the kitchen, but it is not hooked up to the cable yet.

This box serves as a table.  Like a sofa table.  I was drinking tea this afternoon and got up to let Chloe out when McGee knocked my cup to the floor.  It smashed to pieces.  One less cup!
Since I have nowhere to put anything, I have stuffed the surviving tchotchkes and wall hangings in the cabinets where they will come out and either get tossed or get placed somewhere.

I can tell you, at this point, I really don't care if I have "stuff" or not.  Right now, seems like not is better.


  1. The cardboard box is proof that you need the pretty bluish piece that you fell in love with last week. I was hoping that the panic attacks were part of the allergy problems. This seems more serious somehow. Please don't let it go on very long. Really, there's no need and surely you don't want them getting worse.

    Good to know that Chloe is doing better. I'm hoping that you don't have to do much in the way of caring for her butt. Do not allow DiNozzo to chuckle too much. He may give her a complex. Isn't it bad enough to have pain without the embarrassment, too? Poor Chloe!

  2. It sounds like you are tired - too tired to care if you have furniture or not. Keep your chin up and try to get some rest. I think you will enjoy the furniture once it arrives and sitting in this room. You have gotten to use to "making do" for so long and need a real space that is comfortable.


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