Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tour de House - Sewing Room and Office - what is the perfect cutting table?

On Wednesday we scored two really odd file cabinets for $60 total.  I wanted to use one for all the paperwork that goes along with quilt patterns, and there was a lot of wet paperwork stuff I tossed after the flood.

As it turns out, I can't use it for that.  It is very deep but has tiny drawers half as tall as a regular file drawer.  Not good for papers.  Paula says she will put fat quarters in hers. But I am not sure I can use mine.   And it takes up too much space to be in my studio without being usable.

The one that Frank wanted is wider than a legal file.  It is a huge cabinet.  We need to figure out how to get the metal pieces for the inside of the drawers so it can be usable.

When I looked up the company, I found it was very high end ergonomic furniture and filing systems.  The smaller cabinet was $595.00 alone!  So we got a great deal for $35!

I am thinking he can put compressor manuals in there again.  He had lots of compressor manuals from the early 70's on.  All were lost in the flood waters.  So sad.  A lifetime of work, gone in a night of rising water.

I have a meeting scheduled with a carpenter for Monday to talk about the sewing room build out. He said he wanted to see the space I was talking about and he would look at what it would take to do the work.

I went to Circa 1825 earlier today.  It is a market full of antique dealers and often has large pieces.  I was rewarded with this beauty.  It is a workbench from an old carpenters shop.  It would make a fabulous cutting table, it is the exact height I need it to be.  A new top was put on measuring 24 inches wide and 80 inches long.  I was hoping to have one made measuring 3 feet by about 5 or 6 feet.

So what is the perfect size for a cutting table?


  1. A cutting table is very personal. 36 inches wide is tough for me to use since I have short people syndrome ( I am about 5' 2") and the meeting in the middle of the 3' table is far enough that it isn't at a strong point for me. But given a couple of inches in height and it would be perfect. I usually fold fabric in half or smaller, but many people prefer not to do that(actually I would too). I would try it at this size and see how it works. Buy a good mat that fits the 2 foot width and whatever length and try it for a while.

  2. What I bought for a cutting table is an IKEA free standing Kitchen cabinet. It is 24" by 60". The perfect width for my cutting mat and the perfect height for cutting. A little longer would have been nice but I like the width. I am 5'4" so wider would be a stretch. I like having the 3 drawers and 2 shelves for storage and since it is in the middle of the room I added command hooks on the back to hang my rulers. Not as gorgeous has your table but very practical for my limited space. I also have gel mats to stand on while cutting. The help when I have a lot of cutting to do. The feet they ain't what they used to be.

  3. I have my big table that most of the time is set up 6' x 8' and is just the right height for me. I can put two large mats end to end if I need to cut something longer. The table you scored seems like it would be a good size.

    There has to be a label on the lateral file with the manufacture's name and inside a possible model number. I would think with that information you could go to an office furniture supplier and get the hanging file rods.

  4. Your new cutting table is such a nice piece. If you need something larger, you can always have a larger top put on it later. If you do, I recommend recycling a Formica table top: fabric just glides across it. I'd ask the carpenter to add a shelf on top of the crosspieces at the bottom. It may already have something of that nature; it's a little hard to tell from the photo. One thing that I have no doubt of is that it is going to be sturdy. Those legs look pretty pile anything you want on top!


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