Thursday, February 2, 2017

We Made it 24 Hours

Yes, we made it 24 hours without locking ourselves out of the house.  It actually was a bit disconcerting to know that your house could be broken into for $70 and a phone call.  The Pop A Lock guy made it look like what you see on the detective shows on TV.  Click, click, click.....pop!

But at least we didn't have to break a window and crawl inside.  I remember reading a blog post from a quilter who locked herself on her upstairs porch while enjoying a delightful cup of coffee after everyone left for school and work.  I was splitting my side laughing as the poor girl was climbing down the trellis  and getting caught up in the climbing roses and the lilies.

We still have several boxes to come out from inside the storage trailer.  The box of Frank's random choosing brought to the door for unpacking. Before he heads out for Parts Unknown he always leaves me a nice box to unpack.

This box rewarded me with some random photos.

Some were really nutty.  She  was so exasperated with me here.  LOL.  she has some beautiful eyes though.  And they could open really wide.

Some break my heart, this is me in 1996 with my beloved Pepsi and Max.  Loved those babies.  

Some were just really crazy.

And this is the minister of crazy eyes!  I wonder what she was thinking as I took that picture.

Here she is looking a lot like JonBenet Ramsey

 here are a group of us Swissy owner on a hike with our dogs.  We hiked a lot and took home a lot of mile prizes.  I miss those dogs and those people.

And my good knees.  Frank and I are the two in the middle with Bonnie Doon and Dutch.

Carrie did grow out of that eye thing.  She was in her junior year of High School here.  She was really beautiful.  And I loved that blouse.  It suited her bohemian looks.

Now here is Frank, probably in the late 70s or so.  Beard, sweater and a tie.  He was 50 all his life.

this was my JonBenet pose!  I am thinking early 80s maybe.  I think that was the house in Hammond.

this is an old one.  Me, my mom and my god sisters daughter Jennie met about 12 years ago.  Debbie, my god sister, is taking the photo.  My mother and her grandmother were best friends from first grade on through their marriages and children.  miss Betty Jean died when Debbie and I were in High School. But we still keep in touch, share lives, stories.  Photos.

And this is the most recent photo.  Of the newly installed tub surround in the guest bath. more thing.  Done.


  1. It is so wonderful you had pictures that survived! The surround is beautiful!

  2. I am sure you lost many more photos than the number of survivors, but thank goodness you have a few survivors. I know there was a time when people didn't have photographs and they lived perfectly good lives. Today, though, we depend on, friends, vacations, special events, ordinary events even are all recorded for a purpose. I hope everyone affected by the flood was able to save some at least a few photographs. I imagine losing them would be a horrible loss. Thank God you have at least a few!


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